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The beauty of Parisian tailoring – Camps de Luca, Paris

Tailoring is such a precise work that requires dedication and focus, no matter it’s cutting or sewing with every single stitches from the armhole to buttonholes, the work of course could be done much efficient and impeccably if having someone who possesses the same talent and know-how that work together, and most importantly, having the same aspiration and passion of creating a piece of beautiful piece of tailoring garment. While there are some artisan tailors that work very independently on their own creation, there are also some ‘dynamic duo’ in the tailoring world which create exquisite pieces just as great as their artisan peers did by sharing the expertise and skills with each other, Mr. Julien and Charles de Luca of the esteemed French tailoring house, Camps de Luca, is one of the perfect example to say it all.

As sons of the master tailor, Mr. Marc de Luca, who starts his apprenticeship in the 70s with his father, Mr. Mario de Luca, and Mr. Joseph Camps, which both gentlemen are incredible tailors and founded the house of Camps de Lucas in Paris since 1969, surrounded by the artisanal environment and with an enthusiastic spirit about the elegance and impeccable tailoring techniques, Marc enjoy spending time in his father’s workshop and learnt about the intricate tailoring skills for 12 years, with further mastering on the construction of every men’s tailoring garment, Marc finally became the master tailor of the house, such gifted talent and passion from Marc has inherently passed on to the new generation by both Julien and Charles, which they both strive to continue on writing this legacy by preserving the valuable tailoring know-how with homage to the essence and French elegance of the house yet giving some contemporary synergy into the tailoring pieces.

Renowned with their signature ‘tear drop’ shape lining pocket, the silhouette of the tailoring creation from Camps de Luca is always quintessentially French classic and consistent: a slender and polished jacket with a generous shoulder, pronounced chest, and sleeves with fluidity feel, giving the sophisticated masculinity that looks confident but not overwhelming, and most of all, timelessly classic, handsomely paired with a long and lean trousers that accentuates the torso, giving the entire assemble a taller and smart look with a contrast with a crispy classic white shirt and a luxury twill tie, each creations no matter it’s from the bespoke suiting to dress shirts, the entire procedure are delicate and rigorous with full artisanal spirit behind. In case you are in the neighborhood of Place Vendôme, why not make your footstep to experience this unique tailoring legacy in person, can surely tell that it will definitely added something extra and memorable to your trip.

(P.S. Appointment Making in advance will be highly recommended)

Image courtesy of Camps de Luca, Paris.

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