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Elegance behind the mahout – Chato Lufsen neckwear, Paris

How can an elephant related to anything about men’s elegance? Perhaps it makes more sense to associate it with the Ganesh or as a significant animal in India. Yes correct, but if I simply put the piece of missing puzzle in between, let’s say, a mahout, maybe that will make more sense. I am not talking about the one as those literal trainer that one sees in the zoo or circus, but the founder behind the French men’s accessory label – Chato Lufsen.

Founded by Mr. Christophe Lufsen, an enthusiast of pursuing elegance and refinement for menswear and lifestyle, his Chato Lufsen label uses the iconic animal, elephant, as their emblem, a symbol of strength, stability and wisdom, just like the exquisite accessories collection that created by the gentleman himself, which requires his true compassion, love and eyes on details. An understated and soft voice but speaks louder from its beautiful creations in a series of neckwear accessories, that brings your Fall Winter wardrobe a new breath of air.

First comes with an array of exquisite wool & silk blended twill ties, 100% made in France with a simple yet stylish touch to go with a fine cotton shirt or pinstripe dress shirt, no matter it’s your choice of a plain heather grey or the one with oatmeal pinstripes, they never go out of style, the worsted effect of the fabric accentuates the sophisticated feel, imagine an elegant and suave French chateau proprietor walks out from his estate in the morning with his hunting dogs, the classic and aristocratic look with a simple crispy white shirt, a tailored black jacket (or coat) with the pair of slender black twill pants and a pair of well polished black riding boots, the beautiful necktie literally brings out to the elegance of the entire look. Of course, the delicate detail like the hand-roll edges and stitching, either from the tip of the tie or the loop behind, the subtle signature tri-color label that brings a little surprise, that truly shows the dedication of the effort and work from the artisan of putting his heart to each piece of the creation. The bowties are noteworthy too ranging from wool & silk blended fabrics or linen.

While elephants are one of the intelligent animal, having a good caregiver is crucial to train this animal into a highly skilled one, which literally lands to the hands of a good mahouts that requires their patience, love and focus, just like the similar kind of values and qualities that Chato Lufsen possessed that makes their neckties unique, timelessly classic and elegant.

Image courtesy of Chato Lufsen, Paris

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