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Quaternary beauty – Jaquet Droz Meteorites collection

Thanksgiving day has been one of the most significant festive day in the year, consider our busy daily cosmopolitan lifestyle that occupied every single minute of our time from work, the time that spending with family getting less and less. It is one of the festival that brings everyone in the family altogether, spending some quality time with each other over a warm and heartfelt dinner, sharing the warmth of love and blessings, looking at our watch to see how time flies and counting every hour that we missed each other, a moment to let them know how much you missed them, and how precious that is to be with them right here right now in this harmonious moment.

Time is priceless and precious, and an exquisite and well-crafted timepiece is literally become your very own witness, to manifest each precious moment and making them an impressive memory in your journey of life, that just like the latest Meteorite collection of Jaquet Droz, which exclusively in selective boutiques of this watch-making house, an union of the beauty evolvement of the Earth that stands the test of time, and, celebrate the precision of craftsmanship in the history of timepiece movement and design.

One of the noteworthy feature of this unique Meteorite collection derives from its one-of-the-kind silver shiny and matte double level dial, the crystalline patterns within Meteorites which can only be formed in the vacuum of space, makes it one of the most unique timepiece that stands out among the rest. Contrasting with the dial, the 18-karat rose gold case and indices exudes the classic elegance and luxury. The transparent case-back enables the connoisseur to take a closer look into the refined workmanship of the delicate movement, from the chamfered steel parts, to the fanned Côtes de Genève decoration and hand-polished angles, all the details are delicately crafted and assembled.

Available in a single dial (Grande Heure Minute Quantieme Meteorite) and a 2-off center dials (Grande Seconde Quantieme Meteorite), both possessed the character of a modern day professionals should have: sleek, poetic and modern classic, at the same time, having their respective individualism on the each design, while one looks more a formal day businessman, the other one is more avant-garde, eccentric and certainly charming and sophisticated.

Afterall, you might consider to give thanks to yourself with a beautiful timepiece, as a memory to record the harmonious and loving moments in such a meaningful festival, and certain, in style.

Image courtesy of Jaquet Droz.

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