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Modern elegance to impress – Jean Louis Deniot for Baker furniture collection

The creative world has always been competitive, whether it be in fashion, art or interior design, with a distinctive, sophisticated point of view and impeccable execution being essential in a designer’s work. Among many of the great interior design talents of today, there is one that I highly regard, the world acclaimed and charming French designer, Jean Louis Deniot. I remember what first intrigued me about this elegant and charming gentleman, it was spotting his magnificent interior projects for apartments on Rue des Saints Pères and Avenue d’Eylau (in fact there are more), which subsequently took me to discover more of his other incredible interior projects around the world from Paris to London, New York and Los Angeles. Modern French elegance meets neo-classical chic, harmonious notion with contemporary artistry, one can always feel the magical and unique interpretation from this talented interior designer once you see his work. His collaboration on furniture and accessories collection with the highly reputed furniture house, Baker, made for a thrilling to the Baker showroom last weekend to see the collection.

Resembling similar concept and aesthetic references from the interior work of the designer himself, the collection with Baker essentially suits the aura of the furniture house, taking modern elegance and French chic to something much more ‘futuristic-classic’, reminiscent of the delicate details and elegance of vintage pieces yet designed to accommodate perfectly any luxurious property and lifestyle. A beautiful interpretation of Deniot's passion and appreciation about l’Art de vivre, including fashion, art, architecture, nature, music and world travelling, each piece of furniture are thoughtful and connected to a distinctive story in the designer’s mind, a variation between classic-chic and cool academic is that inherent to his style.

Each single design literally becomes a piece of objet d'Art. Take a closer look at the impeccable detail of Deniot's beautiful sofa that is furnished in luxurious upholstery fabric in the designer's signature calming and sophisticated palette, its unique and tasteful lines and curves reflecting the understated artistry, modernism and elegance synonymous with Deniot's work. See the beauty of the mahogany wood in Chocolate Mink, Black Mind and Gray Mink, mixed with the creamy lacquers in Ivory Gloss, Dove Gloss and Ebony Gloss with the exquisitely crafted metal piece in hues from Antique Bronze, Polished Brass and Oil Rubbed Bronze, that accentuates the mysterious and seductive furniture pieces.

The accessories collection is also noteworthy, including a table lamp and chandelier that comes in a lean cylinder shape, a beautiful contrast with the artistic metal work of the shaft and the ornamentation.

Before having this remarkable interior designer to style your home, perhaps having a piece of his design would be a good start. It will instantly bring some modern elegance to your space, and at the same time, to feel the sophisticated French aura and unique aesthetic up close and personal.

Image courtesy of Baker.

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