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Modern harmony – ‘Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style’ book by Mark D. Sikes

Since we were into interior design lately, I have a little confession to make, apart from French interior, I am pretty much fond of American interior design too, something classic and harmonious, timelessly elegance and effortlessly chic, a space that allows you to find a moment to relax and recharge, to be inspired, and most importantly, to feel like your home that whenever you go back. It comes no surprise to intrigue me so much when I came across a stunning book by one of the talented and acclaimed American interior designer, Mark D. Sikes, titled ‘Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style’, it literally speaks his aesthetic and interior work in the most stylish and memorable form within this beautiful copy.

With his sensitivity and gifted talent on beautiful things from fabrics, colors and pattern, the stylish Mark D. Sikes starts his career in visual merchandising and store design in several world renowned fashion houses before launching his very own interior design firm in 2011, his passion and pursue of stylish things not only within the world of interior design but also fashion, chic people and glamorous places that sharpen his sense and taste as the result of his stunning interior work.

As the first book of this talented designer, this is more than only showcasing the beautiful interiors but as an inspiration to readers, to share the timeless beauty through the various interior projects that created by the designer himself, a subtle message on how the design work being translated from his inspirations, and celebrates the classic American style today. Let the designer takes you to his approachable and stylish domain, the space that filled with blue and white upholstery and décor, immense into the seaside indigos, stripes and batiks, or a romantic and harmonious rooms that decorated with chinoiserie, elegant glassware, mirrors and French chairs, furnished with neutral and soft color palette upholstery, a tranquil and relaxing living space that expresses happiness, the joy of living and chic at the same time.

Some of the elements that are relatively essential to create a peaceful and livable home, such as bringing greenery and flowers into the space, stacking up some inspiring coffee table books and décor, select calming palettes into the bedroom with some classic touches, this book has become a quintessential collection of the interior work by Mark D. Sikes, the key to open the door of new American classic interior, and experience the harmonious coherent of style and comfort.

Image courtesy of Blitzer & Company, © Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style, Rizzoli New York, 2016. All photographs are © Amy Neunsinger

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