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An attractive difference – The Different Company, Paris

I recently finished reading a book which there’s a quote that is very memorable: “the amazing thing about fragrance, perhaps more so than clothing or any other accessory, is that it fuses with the wearer in our minds, rendering the scent and the person one.” By picking an unique fragrance for yourself is exactly a way of expressing your very own self in an intangible form, the mystery and beauty which cannot be touched or see, but it can be so intriguing, attractive and sexy to have others to discover more about who you are right before any single word you say. As a perfumer, creating this sensual mystery and imagination is one of their sacred mission, the precision of choosing distinctive and precious ingredients, their constant experiment to fine-tune their perfume creation in a period of time, with a rigorous and professional manner in order to create something different, something unique, something that is only for certain people with a distinctive character to wear it, the process is almost like creating a couture gown but only with a series of premium extracts from floral to plants.

Dare to be different, is something for a style-conscious and artistic individual that they strive to accomplish, to speak their uniqueness, their art and aesthetic, that similar vision is exactly what makes the contemporary perfumery, The Different Company, of how their philosophy motivates them to create the luxurious and one-of-the-kind fragrance with great sense of style.

With veteran olfactory nose masters behind the scene, Mr. Thierry de Baschmakoff, and Mr. Jean-Claude Ellena, both possessed profound experience on luxury perfume making with their sharp sensitivity on aromatic and olfactory world, the perfume house has been creating a range of sublime perfume collection that captures both men and women with their poetic and mysterious scent, and the timelessly classic designed bottle.

While Christmas holiday is getting closer, why not get yourself something that smells beautifully throughout the season? The luxurious “Collection Excessive” series for example, filled with delicious and attractive scent that waiting for your to discover behind the mysterious velvet curtain, from the seductive ‘Oud For Love’ that exudes the sensuality and sexiness with the scent of Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tuberose and soft musk, then down to their noteworthy scent from Oudh, which is a rare ingredient that enriched the fragrance, giving a more uplifting sensation when mixing with the other scent that comes with it.

‘Oud Shamash’ sets a more seductive tone with its spicy note that comes from Pink Pepper, Saffron and Cinnamon, the signature Oudh from Laos Patchouli added so much depth, taking one to explore the mysterious and different facet of the Absolute of Oud.

With this beautiful and unique fragrance, how can you not dare to be different, undeniably stylish and attractive in this Christmas?

Image courtesy of The Different Company

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