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Snow elegance in action – St. Moritz Snow Polo Tournament 2017, St. Moritz

When it comes to January each year, there’s always an exciting vibe in my veins, perhaps that derives from the excitement of the unknown future, waiting ahead for us to unveil and discover, another factor should be the most breath-taking Polo Tournament that takes place in one of my beloved luxury resort destination - St. Moritz. Every January of the year is like a ‘morning call’ from the hotel that reminds me of this prestigious and stylish tournament that fills with sophisticated heroism, energy, flaming passion, style and glamour, all at the same time.

With the first tournament took place in 1985, St. Moritz Snow Polo has become one of the prominent and iconic event in this famous resort paradise, attracted thousands of people from Polo fanatics, professional players & social elites around the world, getting together once a year in the picturesque frozen St. Moritzersee, surrounded by spectacular Alpine mountain range and pine trees that covered with layers of soft and poetic white snow, backing with a postcard like view of the resort houses and luxury hotels behind, embraces in the cradle of the Swiss mother nature.

For the upcoming tournament in late Jan 2017, top players from Italy, Ireland, the US and Malaysia will be getting into this super white arena to compete for the 33rd edition of the legendary Cartier Trophy of the world’s foremost snow polo tournament, as a reunion of the stars from the previous year, the energy is higher than ever, that included Mr. Rommy Gianni of Italy, who will strive to defend for the title last year, followed by Ms. Melissa Ganzi of US, who debut her competition in 2016, enters as a serious contender for the coveted Cartier Trophy. Irishman Mr. Richard Fagan will make his return to the game after his absence last year, and finally, Mr. Joevy Beh of Malaysia will make his precedent appearance in St. Moritz.

Imagine under the sunny blue sky with the awakening chilled winds that sweep across the frozen lake, the exciting and cheering crowd that shows their enthusiasm and energy, supporting the team that they adored with cheering voice and whistles, even in such a cold weather that doesn’t diminish the fire-burning joy and energy from each of the audience. Then shift our eyesight to the snow-white arena, seeing each professional polo players that are so dedicate to each match, their handsome and powerful move from each swing, adding the speed of the horse which they are riding on to chase after their victory, it’s one of the most enjoyable and masculine past-time in the cold weather season.

After the game, why not join the winning team to celebrate over a luxurious and glamourous Gala Dinner? Mingle with the crowd in another kind of ambient and joy, indulge yourself with the beautiful music performance, delicate cuisine that specially created for all the prestigious guests over a glass of fine champagne, make this stay in St. Moritz as a magical closure like living in a happy ending from a stylish fairytale.

Even you might not be one of the player this year, but simply being in the crowd of this tournament can evoke your inner hero, to be as swift as these snow knight that filled with passion, energy, some masculine elegance, and style.

Image courtesy of Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz

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