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Excellence of olfactory legacy – J. Lesquendieu, Paris

No one can resist the intoxication of a divine fragrance, especially for those who knows how to choose the right one that truly represents you, exudes their unique persona with a memorable scent, adding extra mystery to invite the people to discover more about you. Of course, one needs more than a good look and nice fragrance, but also some depth, your personal story or even history that makes one looks more intriguing, just like the luxury perfumery, J. Lesquendieu, with their profound heritage and savoir-faire on refined perfume making, which makes their precious perfume creation as one of the exquisite gem in the world.

Founded since 1903 by the founder, Mr. Joseph Lesquendieu, a passionate and innovative French perfumer, who pursues his dream of creating refined fragrance with his excellence, dedicate to use premium quality and artisanal aesthetic, makes the house of J. Lesquendieu as one of the household name for luxury fragrance connoisseurs and Parisian elites, with the popularity grows gradually which takes the house abroad to America, that subsequently making their establishment in New York in 1904. While the house ceased its production in early 70s, the revival finally comes in place when one of the grandsons of the founder, Mr. Jerome Lesquendieu, decided to bring back the bygone beauty and glory back to present day, succeeded the profound perfumery heritage of the family with much dedication to creativity and excellence, the result is a series of elegantly revived fragrances that created with the finest materials, found predominantly in nature, to capture the heart of the fine fragrance connoisseurs and collectors today.

The minimal yet elegantly crafted bottle with the sand-blasted cap has become the hallmark of J. Lesquendieu, a hand blown and crafted bottle by a master French glassmaker, delicately insert by hand into a custom made box with a production of only about 1,000 to 1,500 bottles of each fragrance in each year, the rarity can almost synonymous as a bottle of remarkable vintage wine. Each unisex fragrance bares a distinctive and beautiful story behind, no matter it is the unexpected olfactive signature of ‘Glorilis’, with its powerful base note of Vetiver, incense and cedar that embellished by the majestic floral note including Rose, Labdanum and Geranium, or an exhilarating explosion from ‘Bonne Fortune’, with its refreshing and fruity note such as Mandarin, Grapefruit and Bergamot with a modest touch of Ginger, giving a masculine finishing with Gaiac wood, Tonka bean and Cedar. For those who interested with both sweet and bold, ‘Lesquendieu’ would possibly be an ideal pick with its soft Bergamot and Jasmin Tea scent that mingles with leathery notes, in such an harmonious way that brings out the sensuality and mystery at the same time.

Certainly, selecting fragrance is truly a personal thing, and choosing the right one that suits your personality and lifestyle could attract the beauty and luck unexpectedly, as long as you are willing to follow your instinct, then go.

Image courtesy of J. Lesquendieu

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