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Ocean commitment – Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph, Blancpain

While Valentine’s day is about to come, for those who are busy on arranging roses or chocolate, or booking a romantic dinner with your love one for an incredible night, have you consider on getting yourself a piece of ‘jewelry’ to reward your ‘work of love’ too? By meaning ‘jewel’ here doesn’t exactly mean a giant diamond or couture necklace, something more suitable for a gentleman who strives to live life to love themselves as much as challenging their limits, be ambitious and possess a nature-loving heart, and of course, with great sense of style. If you are the one who loves the vibrant and mysterious ocean, then the Blancpain Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph could possibly be your favorite gift of this Valentine.

The sleek, masculine looking appearance with its entirely blue ceramic case, this exquisite timepiece is created in a limited edition of 250 pieces only. A long-lasting hue that employed with two techniques to create, which are the combination of rigor and precision of craftsmanship in high technology, thanks to the sintering technique, which gives the ceramic its ultimate hardness, with the last finishing touch that gives the geometry and final look of this incredible timepiece - an adventurous masculine look.

The mechanism of this Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph BOC II can be described as a state-of-the-art caliber, which equipped with an F385 caliber with the balance wheel beats at 36,000 vibrations per hour, driven by a column-wheel with a variable-inertia balance with gold screws, such feature helps to eliminate any unexpected jerking of the watch hand when the chronograph is engaged. Incorporates all the technical characteristics of a mechanical diving watch, this timepiece is water-resistant to 300m, a flyback function that enables immediate resetting of the chronograph to zero which is another noteworthy feature.

As a limited edition, this Flyback Chronograph BOC II has an unique engraving in wording ‘Ocean Commitment’, which literally link to the watchmaker’s commitment to the exploration and preservation of the oceans, that echoes with the beautiful sapphire crystal case-back that bridges the sportiness and sophistication of the timepiece.

Each owner of this limited edtion Blancpain Ocean Commitment Chronograph timepiece will be invited to become a member of the ‘Ocean Commitment Circle’, also you will automatically become a supporter of the scientific expeditions with the purchase of this piece, thanks to the watchmaker’s commitment, with a certificate that certifying that a donation has been made.

Furthermore, an exclusive copy of a beautiful book titled ‘Hans Hass, Awakening to a New World’, which corresponds to the serial number of the timepiece, will come along with this new timepiece owner. The never-published-before work by this Austrian biologist, photographer and filmmaker, who starts his seabed exploring work in late 1930s, retraces the challenges of setting up these expeditions while offering a fascinating glimpse of the historical context of the period within which the watchmaker presented their first modern diving watch, as a little celebration of a genuine passion and connection between Hans and the watchmaker, also a recognition of excellence in art and literature.

An ocean can be perceived as a giant mystery and a valuable asset as a resource for all living spices in the world, just as you are courageous enough to explore this secretive yet beautiful underworld with a little style, the world is your oyster.

Image courtesy of Blancpain Hong Kong

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