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Splendor revisit – ‘House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth’ exhibition, Derbyshire

For some reason I am very fond of Matthew Crawley from ‘Downton Abbey’, the polished and dashing gentleman with his impeccable and elegant attire, followed by his sophisticated demeanour and intelligence, makes him one of the character that I adore the most from that show. Whenever speaking of ‘Downton Abbey’, not only one might think about the incredible cast, but also the spectacular estate that the Crawleys’ family lived in, and the magnificent interior that furnished in exquisite upholstery, furniture, priceless décor and art. Sumptuous style has become a critical connection, in between the lifestyle of the characters to their heritage, and, from the story to the audience. Before having a chance to visit the grandeur of the estate and recapture the aristocratic style in person, I have a much intriguing exhibition which it will possibly be much breath-taking and spectacular with fine fashion and style. “House Style: Five Centuries of Fashion at Chatsworth” which will be commenced in late March 2017, is the kind of exhibition that for those who are obsessed with imperial fashion, art and grandeur of historic British monument should attend.

With this significant and ambitious exhibition which holds in one of the most spectacular stately home in England, this “House Style” exhibition literally celebrates the luxurious fashion, and the grandeur lifestyle of the Cavendish family, showcases the unprecedented insight into the depth of the Devonshire collection and the lives of renowned style icons, included Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire to celebrity model Stella Tennant. With the huge scale of this beautiful exhibition, all precious exhibited items including fashion, jewellery, design and textiles, even archival material and art history, will stretch throughout the grand rooms inside the magnificent estate from the Painted Hall to the Chapel and the State Music Room. The exhibition will be organized by theme, including the spectacular coronation dress, The Devonshire House Ball; The Circle of Life, entertaining at Chatsworth and so on. One will not going to miss the personal family collections, such as the priceless items which belonged to the current Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, the exquisite livery, uniforms, coronation robes and fancy-dress costumes, which demonstrates the profound connection between fashion and style throughout the generations.

While paying homage to the style of the past, the exhibition will also include some great names of haute couture and high fashion today, with pieces that are designed by Jean Phillipe Worth and Christian Dior, then to contemporary designers such as Gucci, Helmut Lang, Vivienne Westwood, to Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane and so on.

Just when you thought it sounds too good to be true to travel back in time and experience the sumptuous and grandeur of high fashion and aristocratic British lifestyle, now having this exhibition will serve you as the ‘time machine’, taking you through the stylish journey throughout the century without too much exhaustion, but bringing the sensational beauty and British grandeur to live, within a historic stately home.

Exhibition runs until late Oct 2017.

Image courtesy of Chatsworth House Trust, copyright reserved. Cover photo by Thomas Loof © Chatsworth.

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