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Timeless bespoke – Dege & Skinner Savile Row, London

Our dressing style is more or less influence by the things around us, either a movie, or some style icons that you came across from social media. For some reason I was fascinated by the classic mens tailoring of the late 30s through 40s recently, especially after watching the movie ‘Allied’, the war time period that set out the scene of all the social unrest, vigilant, intensity in daily life during that difficult period, yet, in contrast with the well-fitted and impeccable suit, with a polished grooming and hair-do, the masculine, upright posture yet exudes incredible elegance, poise and masculinity despite under such critical and intense moment; that is the kind of sophistication that we find it less and less nowadays. Having said that, some of the traditional tailoring house which they still stand by such value and quality - timelessly classic, elegant and of course, exquisite craftsmanship, to create something impeccable and beautiful to capture the heart of the gentlemen nowadays who strives to reminiscent the bygone classic and sophistication. One of the great example is the esteemed British bespoke tailoring house, Dege & Skinner, which possessed a profound traditional British sartorial history and valuable know-how, to create a distinctive tailoring clothing for discerning gentlemen today.

Located at number 10 Savile Row, London, Dege & Skinner has been holding a Royal Warrant of Appointment of Her Majesty The Queen for the uniforms worn by her ceremonial bodyguard, with the house established since 1865, this has been a family business which currently run by the 5th generation of the Skinner family, Mr. William Skinner. No one might realized that the beauty of this hidden gem is literally right behind this classic wooden store front (actually, underneath the shop to be accurate), that is the birth place of each preciously crafted tailoring piece comes from, the discreet workshop where the skilled and experienced artisan team are doing their hard work, dedicating their focus and effort to create a wearable masterpiece, from coat makers to trousers makers, sewing and cutting, all made by the hands of these artisans before reaching their customer’s door around the world.

With my tremendous curiosity and obsession about the latest style and silhouette in SS2017, I can’t keep wondering what Dege & Skinner would like to offer their loyal connoisseurs in this season, thankfully, their Bespoke Cutter, Mr. Tristan Thorne, shared some of his insights with me: “Here at Dege & Skinner we make bespoke clothing with timeless elegance, rather than setting (or indeed following fashion) as such and as always, continue to notice the influence of mass entertainment, films in particular. Costumes in Oscar favourite 'La La Land' have led to a number of orders for wider leg trousers, for instance. Same thing happened when The Great Gatsby was released.”

“As a general guide, younger customers tend to prefer a slightly shorter coat to reflect current catwalk fashion, but like all things in tailoring, that may well change over time.” The gentleman added. Then what about the details such as the silhouette or fabric? Tristan then further addressed: “This year we will continue to see strong masculine silhouettes, with strong, standout specific features, such as sharp lapels and strong, clean lines, sometimes softened by the cloth chosen for the piece of bespoke tailoring."

Just when you think that being classical and elegant can only happens in (old) movies, let’s turn your head around and have a look with the exquisitely made Dege & Skinner tailoring menswear, you might not able resist to imitate one of the dapper actor, by putting on their beautiful bespoke tailoring clothing, and recapture the bygone sophistication and aura.

Image courtesy of Dege & Skinner Savile Row.

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