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Scented animal – Zoologist Perfume, Toronto

Not sure if I was enchanted by the music from the movie ‘Nocturnal Animals’ lately or not, the multi-layered emotions somehow constantly reminds me of the characters in the movie, a mixed of melancholy and mystery, a little bit of darkness and sadness that creates a kind of Hitchcock-style, suspicious and intriguing scenerio that seduces audience to keep discovering what’s happen next in the story. Speaking of animals and emotions, there’s one thing that I recently found that enchanted me even more, with a stylish twist of classic, mystery and sophistication in an incredibly luxurious scent, that is, the beautiful and luxurious perfumer which hailed from Toronto – Zoologist Perfumes.

Founded in 2014 by a perfume enthusiast, Mr. Victor Wong, who based in Toronto, Canada, with his sensitivity and effort, he works with numerous award-winning perfumers to create a range of distinctive, stylish and luxurious niche perfume, the intelligent concept of extracting the behavior, habitats and looks of the selected animals, capturing their characteristics, and giving each one of the unique perfume with the name of a respective animal, bridging these uniqueness of their character to human in a sumptuous scent.

Enter the new spring season, nothing is better than a bit of refreshment, the delighted ‘Hummingbird’ fragrance could be a wonderful pick for starter, the light, silky and floral note in apple, cherry and lilac, offers a comfortable refreshment for the day with a bit of fruitiness, the prolonged floral note mixed with the lovely scent of honey, exudes a subtle beauty with just a hint of sweetness, backing up with a masculine structure of woody note in amber, sandalwood and white woods, which gives a smooth finishing touch as a fine fragrance for gentlemen. For those who like to try something stronger, ‘Beaver’ could possibly be your favorite, with its refreshing top notes such as French outdoor air and linen, which liberates your soul with a soft and uplifting scent, then gradually turning into a stronger, more masculine feel with the woody notes in heavy musk, amber, dark wood as well as leather, which interprets a multi-facet of masculinity from day to night.

The crispy and mystic ‘Panda’ fragrance, which climbs to the top of my list, a greenery and airy feel thanks to the refreshing top notes from green tea, bamboo and zisu leaves, takes you into a tranquil oriental garden in a mode of relaxation, then a beautiful combination of soft floral notes in orange blossom, lilies and mimosa, gives a bit of zest and roundness, lastly, a subtle woody scent in sandalwood, cedar, vetiver and fresh musk, giving a surprising clean and smart gentlemen feel that energies you throughout the day.

With its stylish and sophisticated bottle design, a charming label that featured with each respective animal, that will surely put a smile on your face when looking at it, how can anyone resist such an intoxicating charm with the scent of these animals afterall?

Image courtesy of Zoologist Perfume

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