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Wearable beaux arts – Rampley & Co., London

Despite that art week has been over for a month already, the spirit and aura from it can still be found even now, not necessarily in the form of a huge exhibition hall with a series of compelling and innovative artworks by artists from all over the world, but in a very delicate accessory which you can always have with you in the front of the chest pocket of your blazer. The beautiful and luxurious pocket squares by Rampley & Co are one of the great examples of what wearable art truly means.

Founded in London since 2014, Rampley & Co has been creating stylish and unique men’s accessories by collaborating with the most prestigious art museums, galleries and institutions in England, to create one-of-the-kind pocket square collections, featuring some of the most spectacular masterpieces by world renowned master artists, using the finest materials, quality and craftsmanship in their creation to capture the artistic and historic notion for style-conscious gentlemen, a way to homage and appreciate the glory and artistry of the workmanship by these ancient art and artists.

Their ‘National Gallery’ Collection for example, is one of the iconic and perfect representations of the essence of their creation, from the selection of the particular masterpiece, the rigorous analysis of the color details, technical application and the actual execution, each steps are literally as refined as painting a piece of art. The result? A vivid and luxurious silk pocket square that looks almost the same as the masterpiece that one saw in the museum, from the compelling and sacred ‘Samson and Delilah’, to the spectacular ‘Venice: The Basin of San Marco on Ascension Day’, the impeccable coloration that captures such complex details from the masterpiece, adding the delicate craftsmanship with the stunning hand rolled edges, which enriches the luxury of each piece of the pocket square. One of my favorite (there are too many actually) is ‘The Death of Major Peirson’ from the ‘Fine Art’ Collection, the piece being an oil painting by American artist, John Singleton Copley, that depicts the scene of the Battle of Jersey from 6th January 1781, the heroic of the old time military and masculinity, the glory and victory from the intense combat that leaves a profound history and memory, the details of the original masterpiece have been captured exquisitely and framed with a delicate scrolled border, which makes it looks superbly elegant when wearing it in a four-point fold.

Just before owning a piece of beaux arts in your house, perhaps make a small step by having a piece of art as a pocket square first, not only does it bring your dream closer to your heart, but also the sophistication and style that speaks to your artistry.

Image courtesy of Rampley & Co., London

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