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Silver legacy – I. Franks, London

Hosting a sophisticated dinner party is like a work of art, especially for those who truly indulge with getting different things together to create a beautiful and sumptuous dining table setting, giving your guests a memorable and stylish evening through your thoughtfulness and sense-of-style. I am pretty sure some would like to dedicate this task to their butlers to handle, while for some, especially those who prefers to express their personal touch, would rather be more hands-on to do their own selection from the menu, beverage, and floral arrangement, down to table top décor, china and utensils. Speaking of the latter items, I simply cannot imagine how a sumptuous table setting can do without a couple of refined and delicate silverware, which is exactly why it thrills me when I was having an opportunity to visit the exhibition recently, a precedent exhibition in Asia by an esteemed antique silver house from London, I. Franks Antique Silver, to showcase a range of their selected precious and luxurious antique silverware, and exchanging the passion and expertise with guests on collecting, appreciating and caring their silverware at home.

Greeted by the English gentlemen duo from the house, Mr. Daniel Franks and Mr. Jonathan Franks, the sophisticated and knowledgeable siblings from the Frank’s family, which has been in the industry for more than 50 years with their showroom located in Chancery Lane, London, I instantly know that my day of this visit will be extraordinary and value-added. Both gentlemen possessed their deep English charm and sophistication, courteous and friendly, have their exceptional expertise their own, while Daniel has a background of Gemology and looking after the cataloguing the silver items in the family website as well as running the business, Jonathan gives his artistic excellence to the family’s business with his academic background in Fine Arts. Two diverse expertise aim towards in one goal, to deliver a beautiful message of the family legacy in the antique silver field, and, sharing their passion, knowledge and sensitivity on selecting a fine piece of antique silverware for each collector and connoisseur.

My eyesight was instantly drawn by the set of beautiful candlesticks, salt-&-pepper set and the sparkling cutlery set, the neo-classical like design with a sparkling, clean line stem, and the scroll ornated at the candle holding base, the detail truly expresses the luxury and opulence which reminiscent the dinner entertaining moment by the European monarch back in 19th century, simply imagine how splendor and elegance it looks on your dinner table when laying all these beautiful silverware pieces out, against with the sophisticated floral arrangement and crispy cream damask table linen.

One of the most intriguing item to me, it would possibly be the delicate silver snuff boxes, the floral and scroll decorated of the outsider, brings a stylish surprise to the inside when opened it, another ornated lid which creates a little compartment for the placement of a piece of tiny perfumed cotton pad, the intelligent and stylish design of this little silverware that perfectly speaks of the fashion dated by the Victorian era, a little vanity that used by the high society and style-conscious elite in the past, even holding this little beautiful piece of silver box at hand, it literally like telling me the story of how to live a stylish life even in the time of choas and challenging reality.

Afterall, my visit and story is simply a corner of an iceberg, for those who are interested to explore more, I believe both Daniel and Jonathan would love to share with you more with their profound knowledge and passion, and they will be more than delight to welcome you in their beautiful showroom in London.

Image courtesy of I. Franks London.

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