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Homage of handcraft excellence – Antoinette Poisson, Paris

My dear readers, perhaps you may knew about my passion upon vintage fashion illustration through one of my previous blog article (with one of the world renowned fashion illustrator), especially, those that came from the very sophisticated and stylish ancient magazine called ‘La Gazette du Bon Ton’, the ‘pochoir’ technique that gives a vivid and luxurious touch to each of the fashion illustration (the proper term should be called ‘fashion plate’), which fascinates me all the time, not to mention the detail of the fashion portrayed by the artists, the ‘art de vivre’ of the characters, and the color as well as the paper quality that used, they are all superb and sumptuous that perfectly reflected the ultimate luxury lifestyle and fashionable society dated back to the early 20th century. But there’s another thing that intrigue me a lot, that is the workmanship of these fashion plates, as one might not realized, dated back to the old days without the advance printing technology like we have today, it can take up to 30 layers of color application, and the precise positioning of the image, in order to output such a beautiful illustration. Such complex and delicate workmanship might now be replaced by the high resolution printer today, with only one click away to print out a vivid and colorful images, but I realized that there are a group of passionate artisan, which hail from Paris and strives to homage and carry on such precious legacy even nowadays, what I would like to introduce today, is one of the remarkable French artisan paper maker – Antoinette Poisson.

With their atelier based in Paris, Antoinette Poisson is a home of three passionate and artistic French paper artisans, Ms. Julie Stordiau, Mr. Vincent Farelly and Mr. Jean-Baptiste Martin, who strives to create a one-of-the-kind artistic fine printed paper that homage to the French artistic root. With their background as trained graphic arts conservators, and in honor of Louis XV’s favorite, the Marquise de Pompadour, patron of the arts and wallpaper enthusiast, the three passionate French artisans decided to come together and form their atelier ‘Antoinette Poisson’, emphasis on French creation that made in Paris, with elegant and exquisite printed paper and fabrics which made by hand, to reminiscent the cosy and rustic charm of 18th century interiors.

Think about the beautiful scrolled and ornate motifs inside an historic French mansion, capturing the glorious heyday of the splendid monarchy of Louis XIV, to the elegant, and romantic aura from Marie Antoinette, who enjoy her indulgence in beauty and sublimity, one can always find these little notion of the bygone French elegance in the beautiful creation by Antoinette Poisson.

Have a closer look with the coffers, boxes and paperback books, which uses the house’s signature domino paper, the delicate paper that embodies the workmanship which entirely printed by hand, available in series of nostalgic and sophisticated color and patterns from the soft and classic porcelain blue floral, to countryside graphics in light egg yolk yellow, a truly French nostalgia that ones can literally touch and feel. Just in case you would like to wrap your room with these beautiful pattern, Antoinette Poisson also offers a collection of paper and fabric for your home decorations too, turning your objet d’art or small furniture at home into part of your French artisan fantasy.

So, which one is your favorite pick?

Image courtesy of Antoinette Poisson, Paris

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