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Botanical in style – Rachel Bates Botanical Candles collection, London

Enter the hot summer time, one of my favorite moment is to spend some relaxing time by the open air patio, having a refreshing cold beverage at hand, connecting with the mother nature with plenty of sun and blue sky above, a borderless sea view that glitters from the reflection of the sunlight, and course, a sweet and gentle ocean breeze that bring the refreshing scent from both the ocean and the trees. Speaking of refreshing scent, one can always bring this relaxing ambient from the outdoor patio into your private living space, even with much elegance and style, starting with lighting a beautiful Botanical Candle by Rachel Bates Interiors’, a beautiful interpretation of nature gentleness and classic British elegance.

With its undeniably sophisticated and sumptuous container design and packaging, the appealing pastel moss green and the golden floral scrolled patterned candle container, which fully expresses the elegance and refined taste of the Interior designer herself, at the same time, bringing her sensitivity and harmony through the thoughtfulness of the details, and high quality material used for the designer’s Botanical Candle.

A gentle and energizing scent that homage to the sumptuous interior work by Rachel, the Botanical candle provides a sophisticated layers of fragrance starting from a light-hearted and luxurious floral scent such as jasmine, rose and a hint of orange blossom, then giving an energizing structure with bergamot and summer berries. This luxury Botanical Candle collection is made by one of the renowned perfumery based in London, which famous by their use of high quality of ingredients, and, under a very sophisticated production by hand in their London studio and ensure their perfection before reaching the candle lover’s hand.

Apart from the Multi-Wick Candle which holds 700g of wax and high percentage of oil, the Botanical Candle collection also comes with a mini set (of three, with 90g of wax each), which easily accommodate into different household space that one wishes to bring such harmony and stylish scent to either a smaller guests bedroom or bathroom.

Last but not least, make a good use of the elegant container after using the candle, one can always freshen up the space with beautiful fresh flowers, just like the sophisticated interior designer work from the designer herself, you can always be stylish, sophisticated, and environmental-friendly all at the same time.

Image courtesy of Rachel Bates Interiors UK

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