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Scent of Municher elegance – Lengling Parfums, Munich

How do you experience a city when you travelled abroad? For sure someone likes to explore around the city with a car and their map or Lonely planet guide, some like to grab a bite from an authentic restaurant, or even speak to the local people there. In Munich this time, I find myself another way to explore the city by ‘wearing’ it, not particularly the traditional Bavarian clothing, but a fragrance, and yes, Munich does has their lovely fragrance, not only it smells wonderful but it is also very sophisticated that one will be amazed, what I refer here is the luxury perfume house – Lengling Parfums.

It takes me a while to discover this elegant fragrance when I passed by a stylish perfumery in Fünf Höfe one afternoon, the welcoming and lovely scent that draws me to the shelves which displays the Lengling Parfums collection, a sophisticated designed rectangular glass bottle, comes with an artistic pebble-shape glossy silver cover engraved with the brand name, plus an understated yet elegant ribbon label which simply bears the name of the fragrance which sticked on the bottle, to me it speaks the kind of understated beauty with much profound message and elegance beneath the surface (well, in this case should be inside the perfume bottle).

As a passionate fragrance lover, the founders of Lengling Parfums, Ms. Ursula Lengling and Mr. Christian Lengling, are no exception on standing by their high standard and philosophy on creating one-of-the-kind, artistic and luxury perfume, which derived from their journey of developing and love of fragrance, sensitivity, artistry and know-how, at the same time, homage to the sumptuous and sophisticated lifestyle of Munich, then interpret it into a modern version that makes one to experience the nuance of Municher elegance in a much personal way.

Among the beautiful collection from this Munich perfume house, I instantly fond of their refreshing ‘No. 1 el pasajero’, a very pleasant, soft, yet crispy fragrance that compliments the bright and hot summer days, a simple 2-layer notes that expresses the glitter and softness of luxury: the clean and crispy note from Fucus Absolue, and Ambra, then the softness from Magnolia, Vanilla and Osmanthus Absolue, an all-day-round friendly fragrance that is just as relaxing, easy-going and luxurious as your crispy white linen shirt, and the ecru tailored linen suit.

On the other hand, their latest creation ‘No. 8 apéro’ is just as intoxicating, think about a hot summer night in a posh pre-dinner cocktail with your polished black tie outfit, having a glass of golden sparkling champagne that evokes the sumptuous lifestyle of an aristocrat, thanks to the beautiful scent from Chardonnay, Lime and Mimosa Absolue, which resonates a sparkling top note that as luxurious as a cuvée champagne, then it gradually exudes the flamboyant side of the summer evening with a hint of exciting scent such as Heliotrope, Cashmeran, Musk and Oud, which expresses one’s masculinity just right without too overpowering, but much gentleness, refinement and passion. It was such a tough choice to tear in between these 2 beautiful fragrance, but in order to experience this lovely Bavarian city in a more whole-hearted and stylish way, even having both of them, it will not be too much, in the end, when one is in Munich, live like a Municher, and smell like a Municher.

Image courtesy of Lengling Luxury GmbH & Co. KG

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