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Rally of Alpine elegance – St. Moritz British Classic Car Meeting, St. Moritz

Sometimes our desire in life can be very multi-faceted and diverse, a very polished and well-tailored suit in super fine 180s wool that goes with a very refined perfume, attend a very sumptuous dinner with a luxury car, then indulge oneself in a picturesque resort destination under a perfect weather, with a beautifully furnished suite that takes your ultimate luxury experience to the state that you have ever dreamt about, make it into your reality. ‘One-stone-two-birds’ seems not even enough that making it into ‘one-stone-multi-birds’ sounds much promising, but in reality, you can make it happen, especially for those who are vintage car lovers, and, keen on having a value-added and sophisticated summer holiday getaway, take advantage of the upcoming St. Moritz British Classic Car Meeting in July, the one-stone-multi-bird formula will certainly works for you.

Indulge yourself in one of the most luxurious and sought-after resort destination in Switzerland, surround yourself with the picturesque view wrap yourself in the Alpine mountain range, the greenery and the mirror-like lake, at the same time, joining the crowd with great style, passion with the exquisite vintage car and become one of the witness on manifesting the glory and beauty of the British classic legacy, either in motion and stillness, and let your heartbeats follow the flow of your excitement and curiosity to discover these incredible collection of vintage cars, and exchange the idea with these automobile owners.

As the 24th edition of this British Classic Car meeting, the event this year will be commenced on 7th to 9th July, which all guests will have a taste of luxury automobile, up-close and personal with the classic cars including prestigious names such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin and Jaguar & Daimler, these are barely the names of a few here. The traditional rally will be held on 8th Jul which the route will lead from St. Moritz over the Maloja Pass into the Italian-Mediterranean Chiavenna, and over the Splügen and Albula Pass back to the Engadine. This route can be considered as challenging and fun at the same time, with the narrow and old section of Splügen Pass adding a little bit of excitement to drivers, and the steady and smooth ride on the newly created bypass between Corti and Isola.

Another noteworthy for this year, needlessly to say is the Rally participation without ranking, the ‘Mountain Classic’ category that offers a new kind of competition which solely focus on the joy of driving pleasure, and, the spirit and passion of participation in this sophisticated event, putting their heart forward from winning, but more towards to demonstrate the sports spirit and the vintage car ‘art de vivre’.

Of course, when it comes to the highlight, the Concours d’Elégance on 9th Jul will absolutely turn this into a stylish carnival and celebration, takes place in the village centre of St. Moritz with all vintage cars displayed from 10:30am until 2pm on the famous shopping avenue, Via Serlas. With the upscale gourmet food stands, the beauty of the surrounding with resort luxury and glamour, adding the opportunity to see all these prestigious vintage cars up-close and personal, you will only be indulged and exhilarated with the joyful and stylish atmosphere, along with the custom Alpine celebration ceremony and the light-hearted interactions with the guests.

You can have a summer holiday with multiple enjoyment and entertainment, while relaxation is the key, with this classic car event, you can have more than one ‘bird’ out of a vacation, all starting from St. Moritz.

Image courtesy of St. Mortiz Tourismus

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