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When ocean meets land – Penhaligon’s Blasted Fragrance

Good memories are great to be captured by photographs, but sometimes, there are some other ways to keep them, perhaps an unique piece of objet d’Art inherited from your grandparents, or, a soothing music that recalls you a wonderful time you had spent with your love one; to me, one of my favorite way to recall a great memory, is putting on a beautiful fragrance that I once used in a special occasion (for example: travelling), the thing I like about using this method is not only it’s very pleasant to add something extra on a well-thought attire, but also, a shapeless and untouchable romance that takes one’s reminiscence to a limitless imagination, one cannot underestimate the magic of a fragrance, especially those with a very unique scent, and, use them in an appropriate amount, can essentially takes you to the center of the stage and letting people around you to discover your story.

It’s very true when it comes to my recent purchase of a bottle of ‘Blasted Bloom’ from Penhaligon’s Blasted Fragrance collection, the gentle, liberating and aquatic freshness of the fragrance has kept bringing me back to the relaxing and spiritual scene of a summer beach side that I once spent in Phuket. The refreshing ‘Blasted Bloom’ is a harmonious expression of the freshness of wild flora found along the dramatic British coast, which captures the energy and majesty of the sea meets the natural richness of the land. The thing that I intrigue about this beautiful fragrance, is the subtle glittering of the soft sweet scent from the mix of the ocean, minerals and sea salt, the refreshing of the green leaves and the moss, which makes this fragrance in such an ideal choice for summer especially for seaside activity and even yachting. Another uniqueness of ‘Blasted Bloom’ is the understated floral statement, a wild floral heart of eglantine rose, with a hint of spiciness from pink pepper, and a whisper of Clearwood, a very intelligent mix of masculine elements into this fragrance that is not too overpowering, but just good enough to exudes the liberating and relaxing manhood with much elegance and a calming heart that connects one’s body and soul to the nature at the seaside.

On the other hand, ‘Blasted Heath’ is just complimenting well as it’s sister fragrance, simply imagine the powerful swell breaking against the shore, this fragrance is like an active side of the ocean, with a little bit more of energy explodes, and the hardcore elements that can be found on the land. Aquatic freshness is essential in this fragrance collection, which for ‘Blasted Heath’ in particular, with the enrichment of the salty seaweed and aromatic clary sage crashes into crunchy green leaves, brings in a stronger masculine aura thanks to the beautiful aroma from tobacco and whisky, then gently evolves into a softer woody tone in patchouli, cedarwood and gaiacwood. Something more powerful than ‘Blasted Bloom’ with much dynamic aura that depicts the power and energy of the force of nature, just imagine the roaring ocean tides and the tenacity and stoicism of the rocks and land by the coast, which becomes a beautiful metaphor of a sophisticated gentlemen that goes through a journey of his life with different ups and downs, emotions and experience in life, but still keeping his spirit up and keep on walking with a carefree and liberated appeal, just like the everlasting force of nature.

So, with these 2 interpretation of fragrances from the ocean to land, can you share with me which one will be your pick for this summer?

Image courtesy of Penhaligon’s London

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