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Nautical speed and chic – Sanlorenzo SL78 luxury yacht

How can one not feel more exhilarating than the yachting season is on now? Especially when I came across with groups of people going to boat trip every weekend in the past few weeks, looking cheerful with their friends in their yachting outfit and gears, showing off their healthy sun-tanned skin with a sunshine smile on their face, not to mention, the wonderfully prepared finger food and beverage, looks like it’s going to be one of the greatest summer party ever on the sea. Certainly, one of the most important element in a yachting trip, apart from your dearest guests, catering service, will be the yacht itself, especially when you decided to become the host of this fabulous party, a perfectly stylish yacht is almost like a glittering playground, inside a grand mansion that represents you and your taste, that floats on the sea.

Among the recent yacht shows that I have attended, there is one the luxury yacht that I found pretty intriguing, the Sanlorenzo SL78 which recently launch in town, with its stylish design and seamlessly thoughtful engineering and craftsmanship, that turns a yacht into an unique floating piece of art.

With the combination of timeless elegance and “made to measure” philosophy, the Italian luxury yacht maker reinvents this new entry-level model of their SL planing range, which will be premiere at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival held in the coming September. Spaciousness has become one of the significant element for this new model, as the result, the design of Sanlorenzo SL78 has optimized all the spaces of the yacht, at one point to enables a higher visibility of natural light with the enlarged windows, and at the same time, offering a more comfortable environment which provides a higher utility rate, no matter it is from the saloon, the private cabins, and even the main deck.

Sophisticated interior of course is essential, so take a look with the elegant stairway, the flybridge that has steps sided by two plate glass that literally looks like a floating effect, then check out the luxurious furnished bedrooms and saloon, which exudes the ultimate luxury of nautical indulgence; the intelligent use of floating floor which minimizes vibration and noise, becomes a stylish refuge that one can simply sit back and enjoy a glass of cocktail over a light-hearted chat with guests.

Why not have some time outside to meet the sun? Check out the extensive seating areas in the cockpit and the sun deck, which enables you and your guests a perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sun tan and a refreshing sea breeze with a borderless view, don’t forget to check out the lifting swimming platform as well, which comes in two sizes in additional to the standard version. The signature interior design by Sanlorenzo can be personalized in partnership with each owner, which enables you to integrate your own taste and style into this beautiful yacht like your impeccably tailored suit.

Apart from design, fuel consumption is another thing that most yacht owner will consider as well, Sanlorenzo SL78 is no except to take this into account, thanks to the yacht maker’s industrial excellence, a hydrodynamic hull has created to optimize speeds and reduce fuel consumption.

So, are you ready to embrace your oceanic style with this beautiful yacht?

Image courtesy of Simpson Marine Limited

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