Theatrical splendor – Ludovic Baron Photography, Paris

With a handy electronic device nowadays, almost anyone can practice to be a photographer, taking pictures with your preference and style, then share your vision instantly to the world just an ‘upload’ button away. I believe in each photograph (and even art) there is a message, either is about a state-of-mind of one taking that photo in that particular moment, or, a deep thought from one’s soul, a wordless message that sometimes open to different interpretations by whoever looks at it or read it. Personally, one of my favorite pose for a photo, is taking it with my back when my face was looking at the background just the same direction as the camera lens does. At first most of my friends didn’t understand that at all what’s behind this concept, except for one that said that it looks like a Magritte painting. Interestingly, to me, I like the mystery and questions towards the subject in the photo is about, like what he’s thinking when he’s there? What kind of mood or emotion was he? What’s the story behind that? These are the things that makes a photo much interesting and having people to try to decode the idea without showing a facial expression. I recently came across a very intriguing photographer, who perhaps understands this concept in a much profound level than me, with his superb photographic and artistic skills, which produces a series of magnificent and splendid photography art that caught my eyes. Paris based artistic photographer, Mr. Ludovic Baron, could possible be the one who professionally and artistically captures the most sublime and majestic photos with the back of the subject (even with their front of course).

"Père et fils" (2017)

With an enormous passion in photography, filming and editing, the young Ludovic has been devoted himself to create artistic images through film-making project, after moving to Paris in 2006 to pursue his dream, working on numerous photography projects despite overcoming different challenges and difficulties, his persistence, tenacity, and most importantly, his passion, makes him overcome all the obstacles right on his path, with his creativity and commitment to his photography work, his aesthetic that excel at creates a theatrical, majestic, and mythical images, Ludovic’s work finally pays off with his winning of the ‘Best New Director’ award for his movie ‘Perfect’, and subsequently, drawing the attention of French TV networks and landed him several significant film projects. With his sharp eyes on details, theatrical fantasy, and photographic technology skills, Ludovic’s work has been adored by countless celebrities in France and Europe, with some even agreed to pose for him. The success of his exhibition from 2013 to 2015 is also marked as a milestone to bring this talented photography artist to an international stage, with the beautiful exhibitions included the ones in the Petit Palais and Palais Brongniart in Paris, then taking his majestic work of beauty to Hôtel de Paris in Monaco, and, the prestigious Gallerie Sparta in Los Angeles.

"La femme en bleu face à la porte du digital" (2015)

Let’s have a look with the splendid work of this talented artist, the thoughtful and glorious inspiration from his mind, which is something that drew my attention, something very majestic, mythical and powerful about his work that it literally takes one to explore more, to a domain that filled with theatrical fantasy, like the mystery that awaits to be unveiled. Among all the splendid collection of Ludovic’s work, there are a couple of pieces that are particularly noteworthy, such as the artistic and glamorous of ‘La femme en bleu face à la porte du digital’ and ‘La femme en bleu face à l'escalier du Bonheur’, both are the result of magical mingle of mythical fantasy and surreal imagination.

"La femme en bleu face à l'escalier du bonheur" (2016)

"Un roi face à la dame de fer" (2015)

Something that captures the elegance and sublime of Paris, one can always find those quintessential qualities from ‘Paris je t’aime’ and ‘Un roi face à la dame de fer’. When it comes to my top pick, I have to say that ‘La femme en bleu sur le pas d’une romance’ and ‘Le voyageur face à une mer de nuages’ are the ones that keeping my eyes looking back again and again, while the first one reminds me of the splendor and glamour of Venice with a strong aura of mystery, elegance and romance, the latter one has a powerful expression of a admirable manhood, a true gentlemen that finally achieves the pinnacle of his life after all the hard work and struggle, overcoming all the challenges and sorrows in life, day by day, year by year, standing confidently and proud on his own with so much elegance, style and stoicism that eventually make his life journey more fulfilling and meaningful, always optimistic with the future, and strive to work even harder to prepare for another height to climb.

"La femme en bleu sur le pas d'une romance" (2016)

"Le voyageur face à une mer de nuages" (2015)

After having this splendid snapshot of the remarkable artist’s work, why not share with us your thought about what is your favorite piece? Or, what is your favorite way of taking photographs? And how is your aesthetic looks like?

Image courtesy of Ludovic Baron Art, Paris

cover photo: "Paris je t'aime" (2016)

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