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A trunk of art – T.T. Trunks, Paris

Trunk making has been one of the most esteemed work-of-art among the French artisanal savoir-faire, while we might not necessarily use these beautifully crafted trunk for transport or travelling nowadays, as in the modern age of 21st century, such precious technique has been evolved, thanks to the new generation designers who makes an innovative use of the traditional technique, adding their creative ideas and practicality, to create something that glorifies the beautiful legacy of French trunk-making, bringing the quintessential French luxury to your daily life that can be used and appreciated as a piece of art. Discovering the Paris-based luxury trunk maker, T.T. Trunks, is something that I find it very refreshing during my Paris trip this time. The sleek and sophisticated boutique located in a luxury and stylish neighborhood in the 8th arrondissement, interpreted by the modernized monochromatic interior which makes their series of beautifully crafted trunks stand out so vividly; modern, luxurious and refined, it literally resembles the trunk maker’s aesthetic very well and consistently.

Upon entered into their beautiful boutique, I was instantly greet by a polished French gentleman, François, who looks after the shop, and, as an Ambassador for the house. Mixing with traditional savoir-faire and modern practicality, every single details of T.T. Trunks' product are exquisite and delicate, maintaining the traditional technique that all crafts are done by hand, each trunk is created under a rigorous procedure with carefully selected details, and, luxurious parts, from the fine leather selection, the woodwork, to the metallic hardware, this contemporary trunk maker takes every single steps seriously, in such a way to maintain the essence of the French know-how, and, interpreting it with a new breathe of air.

Take a closer look with the ‘Malle Havana’ for example, one of the most handsome piece of trunk that will be adored by cigar lover, the luxurious and smooth interior, thanks to the refined finishing woodwork, the stylishly assembled cigar accessories, contrasting with the sleek black lining and silver hardware, that literally exudes the timeless elegance flawlessly, a reflection of tastefulness and classicism of a refined gentlemen; the compact humidor located inside the wooden compartment, which is one of the thoughtful detail that represents the coexistence of practicality and artisan work at the same time, the intelligent design enables this portable cigar trunk a much spacious capacity for the storage of cigars, which allows them to store up to 5 months inside the trunk under a suitable humidity condition.

Another eye-catching piece of work, I have to say it is the exquisite Millésime trunk for wine and champagne tasting, resembling the size of an vintage travelling trunk, this beautiful piece of work is literally an impressive décor and a luxury furniture of your home; the signature polished black leather and silver hardware expressed the classic French elegance once again, the sumptuous cobalt blue interior lining matches with the intelligently designed storage compartments, from the individual goblet drawers, to the hidden sliding shelf and the display compartment on the top, this piece of trunk is literally like a master work with the flawless and intelligent design, thanks to the luxurious use of materials and details, it fully exudes your luxurious and refined taste, and your appreciation over the work of art of trunk making, think about having this in your home with some close friends for an exclusive wine or champagne appreciation evening, it certainly be one of the great talking point, aside from your precious vintage wine collection, that gives your evening a much enjoyable and stylish one.

This French trunk maker also accepts customizing service for their esteemed customer, just in case you would like to have some special requirements for an unique piece of trunk, it can possibly turn your trunk making idea into reality as well.

So, are you ready to experience this incredible piece of art in person?

Image courtesy of T.T. Trunks, Paris.

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