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A shirt makes the man - Daniel Lévy sur-mesure, Paris

Seems like I have abandoned one of my favorite topic – menswear – for a very long time, for sure I did not leave that behind but just until I found something that interested me, just like when I was walking down Avenue Matignon after visited one of my Parisian friend, heading to dinner and turn around to the Rue du Cirque, a chic and tranquil neighborhood that unexpectedly, I passed by a very unique and understated boutique, which they provide one-of-the-kind refined shirt making for discerning Parisian gentlemen, especially for those who loves refined, modern and sophisticated French shirt that produced natively in Paris. Discovering Daniel Lévy sur-mesure is like bringing in a new breathe of air to one’s closet for this Fall Winter, something that are distinctive yet with the artisan’s twist, a mix of his sharp eyes on details, Parisian elegance and a little of eccentricity and dandyism, which makes this artisan’s creation stands out from the conventional ones.

After dedicating almost 2 decades in refined mens made-to-measure clothing, Mr. Daniel Lévy decided to found his very own atelier boutique in 2015, situates in a stylish neighborhood with high end restaurants and hotel around, aiming to offer a qualitative and exceptional shirt making experience to his upscale clients both locally in Paris and around the world.

Precision from fabric selection, fit, to construction details of course are key criteria of creating an exquisite shirt, what’s more for Daniel, is to embody the multi-facets of an individual, his personality in particular, to complete the picture. ‘The shirt makes the man’ has become the motto for this elegant artisan, which leverage his creativity and effort by letting go the ego of some conventional tailors on interfering the design process. To fully enjoy a premium custom-made shirt, one of the way is to indulge the experience of the seamlessly personalized service, an intimate communication and interaction with the artisan, appreciating his observation and craftsmanship by selecting the most unique combination of fabrics and details that is especially created for you, to Daniel, it has become something essential to ensure the qualitative service mind and professionalism should be delivered.

The premium custom-made shirt by Daniel Lévy sur-mesure is entirely made in France, with luxurious fabric selection ranging from English to Italian mills, and exquisite accessorized details such as mother-of-pearl buttons and so on, a total package of preserving the core artisanal spirit and savoir-faire of Parisian tailoring, that speaks in subtlety yet fill with Parisian sophistication and masculine chic.

Image courtesy of Daniel Lévy sur-mesure, Paris.

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