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Sumptuous explorer – Berluti FW2017

Passing through the forest in a slightly chilled autumn morning, it reminds me of the season’s most sought outdoor activity – hunting, looking at the gentlemen that geared up with their equipment, the earth tone and fall leaf palette, in between the quiet nature surrounded and the heart-beating excitement, that laid a little bit of stylish nostalgia and masculine romance in between. To me, it literally resonates about the impression I had for Berluti’s Fall Winter 2017 collection, the relaxed luxury, modernity and harmony in an autumn forest.

The comfortable silhouette of this season’s ready-to-wear truly expresses the luxurious modernity and functionality, thanks to the appealing Fall Winter palette, from the cozy and warming camel and earth tone, to the luxurious dark bark wood and dark chocolate brown, the consistent combination simply reminds me of the luxurious heydays of 90s, the simple sophistication in a monochromatic palette. Never abandon the beautiful conventional tailoring technique, and the balance of functionality, this fall collection has mingled these two significant elements, with a modern interpretation to express the new kind of relaxed elegance, take a closer look to the handsomely cut camel double-breast knee length coat, or the single breasted worsted suit in slope shoulder, matching with the simple yet luxurious mini carrot cut trousers, which offers the freedom of movement, and, the most stylish silhouette that is versatile and practical, the sumptuous used of fabric from wool cashmere to suede, and the subtle details are also intelligently integrated into each piece of the luxury clothing, adding something extra to appreciate.

On the sportier side, the smart outdoor jacket has become one of the highlight as well, from the functional bomber to a smart cut suede blouson, match it with a luxurious cashmere sweater and a pair of slender trousers, then of course, the renowned creation of the house – leather shoes, a pair of hunting-look leather boots with a soft leather holdall, that is exactly like one has finally found the last piece of missing puzzle to complete the picture, the picture of masculine luxury, the modern elegance that wraps with nature harmony and sumptuous outdoor lifestyle.

Speaking of the luxurious leather shoes, I do have my eyes on the beautifully crafted Cursive Chelsea boots and the Classic Chelsea boots, while one inherited the iconic detail of the house, the artistic calligraphy on a smooth patina dark chocolate brown leather, the latter one is a clean-line and luxurious looking dark truffle suede, both of them are irresistibly exquisite that works on different occasions from day work to weekend.

So, which outfit is your favorite one for this Fall winter?

Image courtesy of Berluti / Karla Otto Hong Kong.

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