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Timeless work of art – Barre et Brunel Footwear, Hong Kong

One of the thing that intrigues me about visiting an art exhibition, is to have a closer look with the details that an artist put into their artwork, the hand-painted art in particular, it could be an assemble of a group of small objects that forms a pattern, or, a stroke (or few) with a color (or multiple colors) that forms an image, each of them serves its purpose to the formation of an art piece, such labor literally requires enormous effort and lengthy time, an on-going creativity and patience. If I have to apply this concept into something wearable, then a beautiful pair of patina shoes could possibly be one of the great example for this; the unique layer of coloring and shades which are identical from one shoe to another, and, the distinctive way of aging of the shoes which depends on each owner’s method on how to look after and wear them, each pair of shoes will turn out differently, and possess its own character and beauty in its own way. I possibly sure that Mr. Etienne Brunel, Founder of his artisan fine shoes label, Barre et Brunel, understand this concept no less than any fine shoes artisans, and can tell you even more how an exquisite pair of patina shoes come about.

As a young entrepreneur and founded his own brand in 2016, Etienne has been passionate about fine shoes when he was a young man, having worked in a corporate finance field, this French gentleman later realized his own dream about creating his very own shoes brand from scratch, by learning techniques from sartorial menswear in quite some years before launching his own brand. While craftsmanship and quality are crucial for a pair of well-made shoes, these key values have not been neglect under Etienne’s anchor to his brand, striving to integrate details that inspired by the bespoke workmanship, each pair of shoes are made in Spain by hand, with the delicate and impeccable details from stitching, pipping and patina application, which speaks the artisanship in a contemporary way, at the same time, homage to the conventional pure luxury for quality is about.

Have a closer look with the elegant ‘Alba’ for example, the clean-line and classic design in array of beautiful colored patina from dark chocolate brown to deep blue amber, which are handmade in a traditional manner by Etienne himself, sophisticated and timelessly classic yet having a unique character attached with your shaped tailored outfit. Prefer something with a little nostalgia details? The ‘Quen’ will certainly looks great for a more formal occasion. For loafer lovers, ‘Franc’ can possibly be your ideal pick, with its versatile appeal from a formal office look to casual weekend, this model allows one to appreciate the work-of-art and workmanship around the clock, another way to express one’s personal taste and uniqueness through a pair of fine shoes that belongs to you, like your work partner or a close friend.

To my dear readers, why not share with me which model that you like, and which color patina that you would like to have for your favorite shoes?

Image courtesy of Barre et Brunel.

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