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When tranquility meets elegance – Darryl Carter for Milling Road furniture collection

When it comes to fall winter, for some reason I usually have a picture in mind: a very cozy and warm moment by the lit fireplace, with a gentle flame, and wrapped myself in a soft cashmere throw, while having my fingers to flip through each page of my favorite coffee table book over a soothing chillout tune, to me, a calming and comfortable home is essential, not only it’s a place that reflects one’s style and way of living, but most importantly, it’s a sanctuary to nurture one’s well-being, and connect to the environment that one lives in, as the result, a comforting and serene elements is usually something that I will consider first when it comes to home furnishing selection, at the same time, they should look elegant and subtly luxe. Among the home furnishing that I came across lately, for some reason I have an eye on the sumptuous home collection by Darryl Carter for Milling Road, the minimalistic and classical chic literally appeals me at the first place, what I find the collection so intriguing about, is the stylish wit, integrating the designer’s artistic detail that is very subtle, yet, creating a crispy stylish atmosphere without interrupting the overall harmony and serenity when putting the furniture pieces together.

As one of the most remarkable interior designer, the beautiful work by Mr. Darryl Carter has been featured in countless upscale interior design publications, and received numerous awards within the interior design sector, the gentleman has also authored 2 beautiful books, “The New Traditional” and “The Collected Home”, both recorded his stylish and sublime interior projects and his aesthetic in a printed version. With this stunning furniture collection collaborated with Milling Road, a renowned designer home furnishing manufacturer, is another beautiful combination of interior design and refined craftsmanship, that resonates with the traditional form, and captures the spirited chic of fashionable understatement.

Something mesmerizing about each piece of work, from casegoods to lighting, and from accessories and textiles, the details are very understated yet sumptuous, versatile but luxurious, it somehow makes me think of the small detail from the Neo-classical style in a much modernized interpretation, to the designer himself, his approach for this collection is more like coming from an eye of a curator and an intuitiveness of a collector.

To experience how a serene and elegant modern home looks like, have a look with the magnificent interior furnished in the Darryl Carter Collection, the crispy white and calming ambient, matches with the clean-line and luxurious Worthington Settee with the Fold Accent Table in the living room, then furnished with a pair of Sylvan Mirror that filled with give a light touch of ‘beaux arts’ and modernism, and let the room speaks the tranquility and elegance by itself; for the dining room, a couple of Windom Arm Chairs will be perfectly chic and stands out harmoniously in a crispy white atmosphere, thanks to the black brushed lacquer finishing and the monochromatic colored pattern behind the chair, which turns the chair into a piece of art, beautifully mingled with the art object in the room.

Another noteworthy piece from the collection - the Bergere chair, let’s feel the elegance from the exquisite craftsmanship and luxurious material that used, which adds a little majestic touch to the calming space.

After exploring this stunning collection, which piece(s) would you like to have in your home?

Images courtesy of Baker and Milling Road.

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