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White knights on St. Moritzersee – St. Moritz Snow Polo Tournament 2018, St. Moritz

I missed St. Moritz, especially during this time around, the icy white winter and the frozen St. Moritzersee, created a picturesque and breath-taking view of this Swiss resort paradise, and of course, making it an ideal winter sports playground. Hearing the sounds of running horses on the frozen lake, the panting of men, and, the beating sound of a stroke from a polo mallet, it comes to realize that it’s time for another year of St. Moritz snow polo tournament.

As the 34th edition of this historic and iconic tournament, this year is getting much impeccable than ever, from world-class polo players to VIP guests. Firstly, it’s another year for Azerbaijan as patron to one of the competing teams, then another highlight of this year, is the precedent of bringing in two women to captain a team. Ms. Melissa Ganzi, who hails from USA and has played in St. Moritz on several occasions, will be captaining the Team Bardrutt’s Palace Hotel; on the other hand, Russian Ms. Zhanna Bandurko is giving her debut as captain of Team Maserati. Of course, above the frozen-lake arena there will be a white knight (apart from heroine), Mr. Rommy Gianni, who was in the tournament last year as the host country, this Italian gentleman will be fielding a team around the talented young team captain Mr. Elchin Jamalli.

Succeeding the exciting, stylish and mind-blowing momentum from last year, all guests are now able to recapture it once again, immersed themselves in the spectacular and serene St. Moritzersee, mingling with all the polo enthusiasts crowd and style-savvy guests from around the world, cheering their devoted polo playing heros on the snow-white field, to admire their agile and swift maneuver, their intelligence on managing to score with their horse, and their handsome team sport uniform that brighten the already frozen lake like a shining star, giving a new vibe of heart-beating energy under the cold weather.

Who doesn’t like to have some after-game glamour? One will definitely not miss out the cocktail and Gala dinner at the prestigious Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, an opportunity to interact with the off-game players and possibly having them to share their ideas with you in person, in a formal and sumptuous atmosphere, taking you to another kind of experience to this legendary Snow Polo tournament apart from the active and vibrant side of the game.

Lastly, don’t forget to mark it in your calendar: 26th – 28th Jan 2018, see you all in St. Moritz! Enjoy your fantastic and prosperous start of year 2018!

Image courtesy of Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz.

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