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New kind of tailoring – PHERES by Narcisa Pheres, Hong Kong

In the world of sartorial menswear, which style is your favorite? Italian, French, British or American? To me, it’s a pretty hard choice to pick one as they all have their distinctive characteristics and silhouette, but innovatively speaking, I think it will be quite interesting to see the combination of certain sartorial styles, yet, still looks impeccable and well-made, perhaps a Savile Row shoulder with a Napoli lapel for example? It sounds a bit quirky, yet, with my recent encounter with a passionate and fabulous lady, who introduces me about her polished mens tailoring creations, I have to say that ‘nothing is absolute’, but always stays open-minded.

It was one of the rush after-work evening when I rushed to PHERES mens tailoring trunk show weeks ago, where I met the glamourous Narcisa Pheres, as the Creative Director and CEO of her own luxury mens tailoring brand, PHERES, she also designs her own jewelry collection and launched an exclusive cufflink collection with a famous Murano Glass artist. Born in Romania yet possessed a diversified cultural heritage: a mix of Greek and Romanian, Narcisa spent her youth in Transylvania and studied fashion design in Milan, then, fashion marketing in Central St. Martins, London, later she pursued her GIA Jewelry design Certification at Carlsbad, USA, and eventually develop her career in Asia, in particular Japan, for more than 13 years.

But for her story about mens tailoring, it should traced back to around year 2006 when Narcisa launched her first collection with a few evening gowns and menswear clothing, with her sensitivity, knowledge and diversity across different culture, which she decided to devote herself into mens tailoring, that’s how the brand PHERES was born. Staying true to the essence of quintessential fashion for today’s gentlemen of every generation, from traditional elegance to debonair flair, each piece of PHERES tailoring only use the best craftsmanship in Italy, with the highest quality fabric, and the most unique silhouette under Narcisa’s creative direction, a distinctive combination of traditional British sartorial, meets the Napoli elegance and liberation of Italian tailoring, which to me, it’s something very special to find a desirable balance from both relatively different tailoring style, yet, mingling them beautifully to become one.

Craftsmanship is, of course, one of the most important element in a piece of well-made tailoring clothing, in the world of PHERES, it makes no difference to stand by with this idea, using the traditional “Lavorazione Artigianale” technique, to express the original heritage and generations of experience within the industry, while each piece of PHERES tailoring speaks to their connoisseurs about refinement, perfection, and taste that cannot be rushed nor by their very nature to be mass produced, that is exactly what makes the brand stands out, bringing luxury back to its roots with high quality and exclusive production, entire handmade with delicate details. Have a closer look with the deconstructed shoulders that made in the Napoli style, which crafted in a way that the piece runs from front to back without the need for shoulder pads; a smart and polished cut that reminiscent to a British gentleman that walking along Savile Row, a generous comfort on the chest and an impeccable ‘wrap’ effect on the waist that emphasis the waistline, makes the torso looks lean and tall, paired with a slender trousers which makes it a perfect jet-setter-like gentleman, who looks for another kind of sartorial experience – an innovative and stylish tailoring yet preserving the heritage of conventional sartorial in a mix of British and Italian style.

Apart from the mens tailoring clothing, PHERES also offers a range of beautifully made accessories including necktie and pocket-squares, appears in a range of impressive color combination and pattern, if one is looking for some bold fashion statement to be added in their outfit, there’s always a choice from there.

After all, ones need to refresh the wardrobe for the new year, perhaps, starting with a new tailoring jacket first?

Image courtesy of PHERES Hong Kong.

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