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‘Homme fatale’ elegance – Joshua Kane ‘Fantasy’ Collection, London

Dear readers, did you all feel the romance is in the air? Undoubtedly, it’s time to dress up for the romantic ‘diner à deux’ tonight, so, are you prone to ‘dress-to-impress’, or a slightly bolder option of ‘dress-to-kill’? Perhaps with the influence of the movie ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (2017 version) lately, the old world glamour and elegance of an elite traveler style which I recently obsessed with, so why not push the boundary a little bit and get something more ‘dress-to-kill’?

The term ‘dress-to-kill’, to me, it translates as seductive and glamorous, well-tailored and luxurious, a little bit of allure and mysterious but not vulgar, and a hint of gentleman suave without going-overboard masculinity; Imagine that dressed impeccably like this with the well-tied roses at hand, a splash of sophisticated fragrance, and, your gentle gesture to guide your love one by the table, who doesn’t fall under your spell? In terms of refined menswear, I always have an eye on Joshua Kane’s creation, a talent artisan and designer renowned with his British dandy style and innovative tailoring technique, his menswear has been under my radar for quite some time, given the time of the release of his latest ‘Fantasy’ collection, which exudes the British dandy elegance and masculinity stylishly, I simply can’t wait to share with you all.

With the quintessential British charm and homage to the traditional sartorial silhouette, the ‘Fantasy’ collection is literally a stunning creation by the artisan designer, each single piece is eye-catching, and of course, luxuriously alluring. From the color palette to the silhouette, the sumptuous use of fabrics and the combination, each look is a show-stopper when the model walked down the runway. The mysterious and timeless black and rose-red palette has been the prominent palette, appeared in smart and well-tailored suits made with luxurious fine wool or silk jacquard in floral pattern, which looks sharp, suave and elegant, ready-to-go to any luxurious dinner and formal occasion with modernity and youthful flair. On the other hand, a series of light chalk grey, plus, the pink-and-black houndstooth pieces, either in form of a smart tailored wool coat, or a 3-piece suit in peak lapel with detachable 3D flower motif, which updates the traditional British sartorial silhouette in a much chic and youthful way, at the same time, maintaining the essence of British tailoring and making the overall look a more alluring and smart.

Along with the runway show, the talented Joshua also created short films to elevate the dramatic effect over his work, one of it was starred by actor and the designer’s long-time friend, Mr. Asa Butterfield, in the designer’s pieces, opening another door to enter Joshua’s fantasy world and his aesthetic.

So, do you have your favorite pick from this collection?

Image courtesy of Joshua Kane, London.

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