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The ‘art’ of interior – Jeremiah Goodman’s illustration

Dear readers, have you ever heard of a quote “A room should express the personality of the person who lives there”? Sounds familiar, right? Whether you agree or not, this quote did speak a lot to me, especially during one of my recent project about giving a new look for a fashion studio for the new Spring/Summer season; by coincident that I came across the beautiful illustration of the Reddish House, located in Wiltshire, England, previously owned by esteemed photographer and artist Cecil Beaton, the elegant and serene interior atmosphere was vividly captured in a beautiful shade of water color, I was immensely inspired by it. This beautiful illustration, as I later realized, it was coming from the hand of the high reputed late artist, Mr. Jeremiah Goodman. His illustration work is so mesmerizing that motivates me to start tracing back many of his previous artworks.

Having been featured in some of the esteemed publications, from Interior Design magazine to House and Garden, Jeremiah has made his name that synonymous as legendary photographer Slim Aarons on capturing the sublimed and elegant interior design and atmosphere, reflecting the tasteful and aristocratic lifestyle of the American elite and famous, in the form of watercolor painting, and most importantly, with his gifted talent of the painting skill, the romantic and elegant use of different color combinations, shading and his discerning eyes on details, the artwork by Jeremiah has been adored by countless style-savvy readers, art connoisseurs and even elites and famous, creating an unique fantasy about an ideal home for those who are yearning to dream of living in.

Either is a high ceiling Parisian dining room that reminisces to the 18th century opulent, or an elegant and tranquil sitting room that makes one feel calming and connecting with the mother nature, I always have a visualization of myself being in one of those beautifully furnished rooms that painted by Jeremiah, to immense myself into the fairytale-like elegance and sumptuous atmosphere in my favorite light grey Prince-of-Wales check suit, a pair of polished Oxford shoes, and a splash of a light velvety fragrance, sitting on the beautiful damask chair and enjoy a cup of hot jasmine tea with fresh baked madeleines, and reading an intriguing book, how relaxing and euphoric is that?

For those who would like to recapture the beauty and sublimity of this late artist’s work, one can actually purchase one of his print; currently curated by Dean Rhys Morgan Gallery, one can always find a mesmerizing piece of printed art, in an exquisite quality, from the beautiful series of selected work by the late artist.

So, let’s get inspired with these remarkable art, perhaps it’s a way to give you some idea on how to decorate your living space for this new season.

Image courtesy of Dean Rhys Morgan Gallery

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