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Beauty of British shoemaking – George Cleverley Bespoke shoes, London

In Asia, we have a saying that one should not purchase any shoes within the first 15 days of the Lunar New Year, as it is the sign that one will be sighing throughout the entire year, however, as an east-meets-west cosmopolitan, we are thankful that we have an exemption to play around the loophole a little bit, especially when it comes to getting a pair of new, exquisitely made leather shoes, on contrary, it should be a good sign of being prosperous and stylish throughout the year, starting from one’s feet. That’s when the moment I came across the beautiful bespoke shoes by George Cleverley’s, the timelessly classic calf leather shoes that are quintessentially English, handsome looking from the outside and fill with artistry from the creation process, to me, it’s the calling of a new pair of shoes for the new season.

An esteemed shoe maker originated in Mayfair London since late 1800s, with elite customers from actors to politician, including Sir Winston Churchill, Rudolph Valentino, then, Sir Daniel Day-Lewis and David Beckham of our times now, the name of George Cleverley has been synonymous with exquisite and unique work of art of British craftsmanship. A family run business and currently anchored by Mr. George Glasgow Snr and Mr. George Glasgow Jr., this prestigious British shoe-making house is always dedicated on creating the finest and well-crafted classic leather shoes, with their rigorous workmanship, the precision of each crafting procedure, selecting the best quality of leather, and, the timeless and elegant design which makes their shoes last for generations without going out of style.

The Bespoke collection in particular, is the ultimate luxury and indulgence for a shoe connoisseur gentleman who appreciates the artistry of British shoe-making, and, the ultimate tailoring experience for your feet. One of the most important part of making a bespoke shoes at George Cleverley is the measuring of the foot, a precise and rigor procedure to ensure the accuracy of the measurement in order to create a tailored pair of shoes that belongs to you, a wooden model will therefore being made and then moving to the pattern cutting stage, a series of rigorous work from selecting leather to cutting into the different parts, followed by assembling and review of the shape and other minor details, such as broguing and lace holes, before inviting the customer for a preliminary fitting. Soon after the shoes comes to the final stage of making, it will then handed over to the finisher for the final touch, which included polishing, to make sure each pair of bespoke shoes are finished at the highest standard and the best quality of work.

As for the pick of the season, I have an eye on the Canterbury Black Calf and Carter Antique Black Calf, both looks timelessly elegant and versatile, it elevates the classic dapper look no matter wearing it with a navy pinstripe 3-piece suit with a white collar spread collar shirt with a small poker dot tie, or a dress-down Friday look with a navy blazer and khaki pants with a refreshing aqua gingham check shirt, which looks smart and energetic at the same time. For those who like to stretch out from a black-color boundary, why not have a look with the Peachtree Antique Whiskey Calf and Caine Antique Bordeaux Calf instead? A beautiful patina-like finishing that gives a classic shoes a more artisan look, either the one in double buckle (Caine) or lace-up (Peachtree), the George Cleverley Bespoke shoes is more than just a handmade shoes but a work of art that speaks the finest and rigor of British craftsmanship and heritage.

So, are you ready to have your bespoke shoes made yet?

Image courtesy of George Cleverley & Co. Ltd, London

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