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Shoes for man of today – Caulaincourt Paris

After attending series of prominent art exhibitions lately, my mind has been filled with different images of shapes and colors, like each stroke of colors that appears on the large canvas, and, a fluidity and curvy lines of a sculpture that crafted by an artist, each piece of art requires time and dedicated effort to create, in a way it also reminds me of the beauty of patina that applies on each pair of exquisitely made shoes with superb quality of leather, by skilled artisan, which makes them so artistic and distinctive, yet, it should be made to be worn comfortably but not just a piece of art that belong in an art gallery (or one’s shoe closet as a piece of exhibit), and I believe that Mr. Alexis Lafont, the founder and Creative Director of Caulaincourt Paris, a French luxury shoes and leathergoods house, can tell you more of this from his personal experience.

Founded in 2008 from a small shoe-making atelier, the passionate Alexis dedicates his work on creating a pair of luxurious and beautiful shoes that are made in superb quality and craftsmanship, offering his clients an excellent service, and ultimately, create a product that is comfortable, wearable and of course, handsomely made. To Alexis, the main driving force derived from the passion of taste, to create something beautiful and good, which manifests the success of Caulaincourt Paris throughout these years to create exquisite shoes for style-savvy gentlemen and shoe connoisseurs to experience a different kind of artisanship of French shoe-making, in a more modern yet artistic way.

To me, one of the unique characteristic about the fine shoes made by Caulaincourt Paris, is that they all possessed both qualitative elements – artistic and practical, not only it looks handsome and stylish from the outside, the shoes also made to offer comfortability, and, an unique way of aging when one wore them overtime, in another words, each pair of Caulaincourt shoes exudes different kind of charm depends on their owner, as another way to express their unique style and flair. All handmade in France under a seamless and rigorous procedure by skilled craftsmen with the direction from Alexis, each of the creation is literally a piece of art by the Creative Director himself. For the Dressed Shoes Collection in particular, I simply had my eyes on a couple of designs that are irresistibly stylish and elegant for the new season, the classic ‘Spectre’ for instance, made with the finest Sea Calf leather from Tannerie Du Puy, with Blake construction under channel with roulette, either it’s the antique toffee brown or Bordeaux red patina, both look nostalgic and classic that are ideal for a dresser attire, perhaps a navy white pinstripe linen suit, or, a heather-grey window-pane check super-180 fine wool suit with a crispy white shirt and a classic Prince-of-Wales check tie.

The similar kind of character can also be found in ‘One cut 1827’, which the lace-up details homages to the essence of a classic mens’ shoes, yet, giving a kind of purity and classic in a modern way.

For a weekender, why not getting a pair of ‘Caesar 2’ with your smart casual outfit? The beautifully crafted loafer that is truly unique with its multiple understated details, from the saddle strap to stiched lac, it’s an iconic model for modern aristocrats, giving a more liberated and energetic flair to one’s weekend outfit, looks a smart and upright with a pair of handsomely cut jeans.

Now, you have another alternative to dress as a man of today, starting with a pair of handsomely made patina shoes.

Image courtesy of Caulaincourt Paris

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