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Splendid interior from Paris to Sorrento – new projects by Juan Pablo Molyneux

Dear readers, if you have not get over the great time you had during the Easter holiday, no worries, I can relate to that, especially when the vacation is a secluded getaway, without any disturbance from emails and group chats, and completely devoted yourself into the relaxing holiday mode. No matter your destination was a private villa in the countryside or a breezy resort by the coast, in the end, it’s just a moment of recharging yourself and a total connection to the nature with some luxury indulgence. Speaking of resort destination, I was very thrilled to learn about some beautiful interior decorating projects from the high-esteemed interior designer, Mr. Juan Pablo Molyneux, which his signature of European-classic-meets-modernity with an Oriental touch that has been featured in our previous blog post (please feel free to scroll back and have a look with the Hotel Claude Passart once again). The latest works by the designer in particular, which he shared with me recently, is pretty much like looking at the beautiful photo album that recalls the stylish getaway that one had, in a luxury resort with a splendid, artistic and elegantly furnished interior, ultimately, it’s the moment of art meets jet-set style travelling.

For starter, let’s take a look with the sumptuously furnished private residence on Avenue Foch, located in a nostalgic neighborhood in Paris, to me, it looks like entering a well-preserved grand mansion from the late 18th century with the bygone elegance and opulence are still thriving vividly, that somehow reminds me of the interior of the Petit Trianon, yet, with the tasteful and artistic work by the designer, which transformed this spacious mansion with much artistry, opulence and modernity, thanks to his signature style of using historic elements (especially European) and the splendor of Chinoiserie details, everything is undeniably impressive and delicate that one’s can see the effort and small details that the designer has put into this, from the luxurious living room that makes one think of a French noble’s home that filled with exquisite objet d’Art and antique furniture, to the vibrant dining room that decorated sumptuously with vivid red Chinoiserie panels, gilded frames and luxurious crystal chandelier, with an elegant table setting with beautiful and luxurious china, utensils and glasses, having even a simple meal in such space is just a stylish indulgence, to be surrounded by art and history.

Now let’s take a trip to the beautiful cliffside in Sorrento, Italy, and take a look with another beautiful project that the designer had done for an historic property. With a breathtaking view over the Bay of Naples, the Villa Nicolini is like a shining gemstone once again after the re-polished and re-worked from its long-abandoned past. With its unusual architectural style, the Art Deco and the enigma during the abandonment for more than two decades, which intrigues the designer to bring back the spirit of grandeur and refinement of the property to the present, intellectually and artistically, “American but Italian adoption, abstract but steeped in classical culture” is how the designer summarizes his work for Villa Nicolini.

The theme of this interior, apparently, is about the sea, and antiquity, but also the journey and curiosity, giving the modernity with something simple, suitable for a second home or a holiday home, that associates with history and the Mediterranean environment. In order to create such feeling, the villa is furnished in neo-Pompeian style, all in shades of ocher, mingling with some Grecian elements such as large vertical frames in geometric patterns, yet, giving the spaciousness inside that creates a liberated feel that one can relax, and, being inspired when living in there.

Nostalgic and romantic, mythical Mediterranean meets modern elegance, one can always finds the evidence of the artistic and thoughtful effort that the designer has made within this villa, no matter it’s the hallway and staircase, or the stylish corner of the living room, to the heaven-like bathroom to the grand outdoor terrace with a magnificent view of the ocean, one will be enchanted by every detail that the master designer put together to create such a picturesque atmosphere, maybe the decorative paint in stylized pattern of waves, flying fish, flowers or ancient motifs, or the elegant trompe l’oeil draperies and the architectural decorations, the harmonious use of serene palette that juxtaposed with marble floors and Syrian furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl, plus a couple of precious 17th century French paintings with Italian armchairs from 18th century, this villa, literally, is a spirit of an artistic collector, world explorer and seafarer, who gathered all the unique objects from all parts of the world as his own collection, that can pass on to generation after generation.

After having this impressive tour, do share with me which one and which part of the residence is your favorite.

Image courtesy of Molyneux Studio Paris, photo credit to Xavier Bejot.

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