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Berliner elegance - Patrick Hellmann, Berlin

Dear readers, it’s been a long time since I last wrote, yes, so many things happened in the past months and I have no choice but to hold up all my writing until now, getting back to my laptop and start writing again feels so refreshing, and I do missed something that I passionate about – men’s lifestyle, after all, it’s what this blog is about; not only I missed my passion, I also missed Berlin, especially when it was the Berlin special that I have started dated back in May, I simply like to add something more before wrapping up this Berlin episode. In the past few posts, I have spent my time mainly about travelling, now let’s shift to the topic to menswear, something that I’ve missed about and love to discover. In Berlin, as the matter of fact, there are some very exquisite menswear brands that are worthwhile to visit, when it comes to quintessential Berliner elegance, there’s one name that literally prompt in my head, that is, Patrick Hellmann.

With his luxurious and elegant boutique situated in Kurfürstendamm, the style of Patrick Hellmann is quintessentially Berliner classic, prestigious and elegant, upon entered to the boutique, it literally feels like entered into an aristocratic grand mansion, in Neo-classical style with the clean black & white interior and furniture, contrasting the exquisite menswear collection with a tidy dress shirt cabinet and necktie vitrine on the right, then towards the end of the ground floor salon, a hidden VIP room which stocked a range of urbane sportswear collection, displayed stylishly in that cozy and private space.

By exploring just the ground floor doesn’t satisfy my craving to discover more about this Berliner menswear label, so I proceed to the first floor and find out more about the style of Patrick Hellmann. Just when I turned around the staircase, it takes me to another luxurious space with couple of different rooms, while one of the room that impressed me the most, is the black tie cocktail room which stocked the most luxurious, comprehensive and impeccable evening black tie menswear, in that dedicated space which fully decorated in a gentlemen’s cocktail hour feel with sumptuous collection from the polished and luxurious tuxedo to white shirts, neckwear to accessories.

Going further after the cashier area is the tailoring room, which showcased the beautifully made formal mens suiting and jackets in the luxuriously furnished room, enables one to experience the most impeccable and stylish pamper from this elegant Berliner menswear designer’s creation.

In the end, Kurfürstendamm is one of the chic shopping spot in the city, so why not dress yourself up with the most luxurious menswear and walk around the neighborhood with some Berliner elegance, and experience the city in a more authentic way?

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