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The charm of Nordic illumination – Nuura, Denmark

We all love the sunny weather, especially in the summer time that filled with resort mood, we all want to have a little bit of sunshine, either on the beach, or on a stylishly furnished yacht, even in a secluded balcony of a luxurious hotel, having a sun bath and relaxed day time. Yet, there’s also a time that the weather is getting upset, cloudy grey and rainy days, which is exactly what I am in now at the start of the week, pouring rain outside and the grey sky; in the end, it’s part of the nature, just like life that we have both rainy and sunny days, so as the weather which we should embrace them both. Sometimes having some rain is not entirely a bad thing, in fact, it can be very inspiring too, the smell of the refresh rainwater, the coolness after an afternoon rain, and the beauty of the light ray reflected through a drop of rain water, which is how Danish lighting designer, Ms. Sofie Refer, got her inspiration for the stylish lighting collection ‘Anoli’ of Nuura, a Nordic stylish lighting brand that specializes in modern and chic lighting design.

With the shape of the glass reminiscent to the rain drop, the design is literally a poetic expression of modern calmness, enable ones to create their living space not only in sensual harmony, but also very modern and some Nordic chic, as well as a right dose of poetry. The delicate mouth-blown glass pendants in droplet shape, with the high quality of workmanship and special lustre that gives the glass a golden effect, that literally reminds one of the sun-glow after the rain, bringing this natural and beautiful scene into your living space.

Apart from this collection, I also have an eye on the chic ‘Blossi’ table lamp, with the intelligent integration of LED technology and innovative design, the ‘Blossi’ collection is also noteworthy as a finishing touch for a stylish and minimalistic living space, bringing an understated Nordic charm, simplicity and eccentricity in one’s home, the intriguing mushroom-like glass lamp that looks like a gentle flow of water from the top of a fountain, which looks clean and sophisticated that provide certain softness and soothing effect through the design and illumination, which is exactly how the designer wish to offer.

Yes, weather is tricky, both rainy and sunny days, but with these beautiful Nordic lighting collections, it seems we can appreciate nature beauty in both dimension, and make it stylish and homey at the same time.

Image courtesy of Nuura, Denmark

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