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Art of bespoke leather – Etienne Heritage

One of the good thing about in August is not solely summer holiday, but, enables one to do some sale-hunt during this time, taking advantage to get some last-minute shopping to stock up some great pieces for your closet, either it is a super-fine wool suit to a pair of calfskin shoes that you have been fancy of, little shopping spree is a pleasurable indulgence though. In the world of luxury, there is something that is not just about discounting, but the quality and artisanship that speaks much more about the value of the creation itself, bespoke creations for example, is something that giving one an ultimate luxury indulgence of enjoying, and owning, a piece of the unique and customized creation, either it’s a set of an exquisite well-made bespoke suit or a luxury leather bag, it’s made for you, exclusively for you. And I recently came across a luxury Italian leather goods house, which emphasizes their quality, craftsmanship and exclusiveness on their refined leather goods creations, which makes me discover more about Etienne Heritage.

Founded by Mr. Dino Bertoletti in September 2014, who possessed enormous passion and commitment in the ultimate and luxurious leather goods making, and his belief of what it means by so-called ‘luxury goods’; with an incredible experience working in some of the most famous and reputed luxury goods houses in the past, Dino made his mark by starting his own venture, with his solid experience, eyes on detail and the artistic heritage from his root, created some of the most exquisite and luxurious leather products, from bespoke leather clothing to handbags, which adored by the world’s elite from the Arab royal families, Russian magnates and head of states.

When speaking about ‘Bespoke’, certainly craftsmanship, quality and precision are the essentials, in the house of Etienne Heritage, each single piece of creation is made under a rigorous, artisanal, and ethical way, from the leather selection which the house insisted on only using the finest and luxurious exotic leather (from Alligator and Crocodile to African Ostrich for example ...) that found in the market which prohibits the export and import of animals and vegetable species that under risk extinction. Each bespoke leather creation is an ultimate one-of-a kind state of art which some of the items required up to 200 hours to produce, with skilled artisans and using the minimal sewing (bespoke leather fashion in particular) to display the beauty and intelligence of exquisite handwork and craftsmanship. Even down to the smallest detail, from the pendant of the bag, the garment bag, even the packaging, every single element are well thought and giving one the most memorable, customized and luxurious experience of appreciating what an exquisitely made work-of-art is about.

The weather of now might be too hot for a leather jacket, but it’s never to soon to think about refreshing your fall winter closet, or yet, and well-crafted leather travel bag at least to enable you to go on vacation in style, and, experience the ultimate luxury of a bespoke work-of-art.

Image courtesy of Etienne Heritage

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