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A customized olfactory journey – Intime Artisan de Parfum, Hong Kong

Nowadays, we all embraced personalized things, something that expresses the uniqueness and our own character, from the initial sewing in the lining of your bespoke suit pocket, or an embossing on your beloved chocolate brown calfskin wallet, these are some of the ideas that having something personalized and visible to you, but there are something that is invisible, yet, can be personalized as well. This has to traced back to my visit in Grasse last year, having my very own customized fragrance made by selecting my favorite scent (or essence), coached by a well-trained perfumer who gave me some professional advice on adjusting the volume of each essence, and eventually, voila! My customized fragrance was made, even without any visible evidence on the bottle, this unique scent and special blending have said it all when wearing it. For some reason I have been thinking about this customized fragrance making experience a lot lately, perhaps it’s due to my very own fragrance project which I am working on now that reminds of that, yet, for some reason, I have a craving to recapture that beautiful moment once again, while situating in the ‘concrete jungle’ here in Hong Kong, finding a customized perfume house is relatively a challenge, yet, I just came across a small perfume making atelier, which offers some unique and professional customized perfume program that at least to ease my craving, that is, Intime Artisan de Parfum.

It was a very late afternoon, and under a very interesting coincident, I met the Founder of Intime Artisan de Parfum, Ms. Angel Cheung, who has been practiced as an Aromatherapist certified by UK IFA, and, studied art of perfume creation in Grasse, France – the perfume capital in the world; after working with a couple of world renowned perfume brands in the past, Angel decided to follow her dream to establish her very own perfume making studio in Hong Kong; with her expertise, attentiveness and passion about perfume making, one of her goal is to let this artistic and valuable know-how to be flourished here in the ‘harbor of fragrance’ (a.k.a Hong Kong, which the first word means scented, and the latter one means harbor), at least, to the fragrance lovers in the city.

For an ‘entry-level’ customized perfume making program, which lasts for about 30 minutes, this ‘user-friendly’ program enables one to select their scent based on their intuition and response to each essence, with total of 32 essence available that covers from top to base note, one can start to explore by sniffing those distinctive scent which made with qualitative ingredients from all over the world, similar to a wine blind-tasting, Angel will the reveal each scent and analyze your selection as well as describing how those essence speaks about your personality, of course, this step is simply for fun and perhaps it might make you smile to discover something unique about yourself that you didn’t know! Following the analysis, it then comes to a more professional part on adjusting the volume of each selected scent, then making it more tailored to your personal style, as there’s a saying said: ‘some like it hot, and some like it not.’ One of the benefits of having a customized perfume made, is to create something that is unique and special for one self, therefore, with this comprehensive and value-added session, not only one can find out the effort and knowledge required for a perfume making, it’s also a form of paying respect to this beautiful French know-how, and being in the shoes of a perfumer from creating a unique fragrance from scratch.

Apart from the customized perfume, Angel also created her own collection, with 2 fragrances for men, which captures the energetic and passionate spirit of Southern France Frenchmen, either is the active side on Baie des Anges in Nice, or a successful, polished dressed executive who possessed a professional appeal and sophisticated manhood, there is always a choice for you to get yourself scented from day to night.

I have just created my very own customized fragrance which I named it as ‘Yacht Club’, what about yours?

Image courtesy of Intime Artisan de Parfum, Hong Kong

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