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At-ease in the desert – Berluti FW18 Pre-collection

After the summer vacation and getting back to our work desk, being in September, the month of ‘Back to school’, is just like landed on a Monday after a fun and relaxing weekend and Sunday, while longing for the end of the week and unplug from the hundreds of emails in your inbox, somehow we need something to spice up our life a bit, for starter, I would say, let’s do something about menswear. Yes, the new season should start with some refreshing fashion, a comfortable and stylish ones, from head to toe, well-equipped yourself with a set of new Fall winter luxurious and sophisticated look. Take a look with Berluti’s FW18 pre-collection for instance, the exquisite pieces that express quietness and sartorial serenity, and the superb materials used such as cashmere and wool, which forms a perfect balance of luxury and comfort.

Themed as ‘Velvet desert’, this pre-collection is an interpretation of the harmonious mingle of artisanal know-how, clean architecture, and rich natural textures, the color palette refers to the bare and wild landscape of Iceland, from caramel, eclipse to frosty shades of grey, which gives a hint of rugged, yet, it doesn’t lost the luxuriousness, key pieces included crisp outerwear, unstructured cashmere and wool coat with a matching cashmere tailored jogger, a berry-colored calfskin suede jacket with a black chunky jumper, which will suit from your day time wardrobe through the weekend.

In terms of details, delicate use of material and workmanship is certainly essential, have a closer look with the lambskin pipings, a calf leather under collar and buffalo horn buttons that used in each ready-to-wear pieces, those are exquisitely refined and well-made, a genuine understated luxury and sophistication.

Just in case if you would like to experience the feeling of at-ease in the desert, instead of going all the way to Iceland, perhaps there’s another way to grasp the same feeling.

Image courtesy of Berluti / Karla Otto Hong Kong

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