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Bespoke charm and British tradition – Meyer & Mortimer Tailors, London

Sometimes watching movie can be very addictive, especially with the recent weeks that I have been obsessed with a couple of spy movies, which my mind constantly keep prompting all the well-dressed and swift agent look, in a smart and tailored suit or tuxedo, a slender trousers and a polished leather shoes and hairdo, it’s very appealing that someone who strives to look sharp and professional, however, such attire doesn’t necessarily only appears in the character such as James Bond or Napoleon Solo of ‘The man from U.N.C.L.E.’, in general, I think one of the most iconic style of a professional looking agent derived from British style, and it is quite understandable, looking sharp and professional requires an impeccable outfit, a well-tailored suit with superb quality of fabric, and, the finest craftsmanship, made by reputed bespoke tailoring house, as the result, it elevates the overall appeal and professionalism. Well, dressing well like a secret agent is simply a metaphor here, but what brings up here is the upright and polished British tailoring look is probably a good start for the new season, among all renowned British tailoring house on Savile Row, here with MMD, we like to discover something fresh, sophisticated, and something artisanal, therefore, this time, I would like to bring you all to a historic and understated British tailoring house – Meyer & Mortimer tailors, to explore their artisanal beauty of bespoke suiting.

With their reputed history over 200 years, this tailoring house was founded by a tailor from Austria named Mr. Jonathan Meyer, who starts his business by creating tailoring and military outfits at the north of Savile Row back in late 18th century, while the Mortimer family is also specializing in military outfits, and, swords and ceremonial dirks for officers. After the destruction of WWII, Meyer & Mortimer moved to No. 6 Sackville street, which the house continues their expertise on creating the finest tailoring menswear, attracted elites and noble clients including dandy George ‘Beau’ Brummell, then later, being awarded with a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Nowadays, the house of Meyer & Mortimer is specializing in superb and refined bespoke tailoring, keeping the traditional British tailoring know-how and heritage, homage to the upright silhouette from the military outfit construction, adding the modern touch, and the vigorous craftsmanship by the skilled tailors and artisan, which makes the house as one of the rare gems in this world-renowned tailoring district. Currently helmed by two Directors, one is Mr. Brian Lewis, who has been an experience cutter with the house in 1963, also an expert in British history, the military and the Royal family; while another director, Mr. Paul Munday, is also an experienced bespoke tailor his own with more than 20 years expertise. With these 2 directors and their work, which moves the house of Meyer & Mortimer tailor forward to the new era, creating some of the most exquisite and professional bespoke suiting, aiming to dress the elite and connoisseurs around the world with their beautiful craftsmanship and iconic house style.

Have a closer look with the polished business bespoke suit, the single-breasted jacket with notch lapel, lean torso and nipped-waisted cut, makes one looks taller and smart, the fine sleeve roping on the shoulder, with the smart and moderate padding, makes the overall look prestigious and professional yet without being too overwhelming. For those who loves to homage to the elegance of British monarchy, the double-breasted style will definitely be your choice, the house style of getting inspiration from the 1940s, with the high button with the use of 13oz Hunt & Winterbotham chalk stripe flannel, it will certainly bring out the sophisticated royal flair, a reminiscent to the Duke of Windsor for instance.

In the end, dressing sharp and smart is not a privilege for secret agents only, just as much as you are passionate about dressing-to-kill, especially for the new season, there’s always a reason to dress as sharp and smart as you want, so, dress up gentlemen.

Image courtesy of Meyer & Mortimer Tailors, London

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