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Stylish gifts that makes you smile – Lochness MPLS, Minneapolis

Time really flies, sometimes it seems too fast that I almost didn’t realize that Thanksgiving day is coming soon; Here in Asia, we have something similar which is called the Winter Solstice, still, personally, I prefer the Thanksgiving more, not because of the delicious and succulent turkey that taken out fresh from the oven, but the meaningful message behind this festive day, giving thanks to the ones who’s most loved, cherished, and significant in your life, putting a smile on their, and also, your face in a warm and harmonious dinner gathering; in MMD, we love and enjoy adding something extra – something special and tasteful – even when it comes to this meaningful festive day, as a gift giving recommendation, I came across something that fulfills both special and tasteful, why not getting one piece of artistic creation from Lochness MPLS?

Founded by an innovative American artist and entrepreneur, Mr. Brian Ness, who is multi-passionate from drawing to creating art objects, also, an energetic entrepreneur who loves retailing, Brian started his own brand, LochNessMPLS in 2014. Based in Minneapolis, with his stylish sense of humor, and his tremendous interest in the fashion scene, Brian created a range of stationery and home furnishing products, by using his very own drawing, and turn these impressive yet amusing art into something adorable and stylish, at the same time, making people smile from their heart. In general, most of the items from LochNessMPLS are inspired by some high fashion elements, from key figures in the industry, to the European art and interior, which in a way, combines the style elements together with art and story-telling technique.

One of the highlight, should be the ‘Legendary Tastemakers’ collection, made up by a series of adorable and stylish stuffed doll, with the drawing of the key figures in the high fashion (or style related) industry, no matter it’s the intellectual Oscar, to the high end chic Karl and Anna, the drawing under Brian’s artistic and humorous interpretation, it instantly offers you some style amusement and as an opening of a dialogue when having guests in your home.

Besides that, why not pick up a beautiful card from Brian’s stationery collection too? Hand-write your heartfelt message inside to make it even more thoughtful and special? To experience the artistic universe of this innovative artist, one of the best way will possibly be having a piece of his drawing in your house, especially those with the ancient European inspired artwork, with the colorful and adorable interpretation about men’s lifestyle and European cultural details, these could be something intriguing that adds on your daily inspiration, in a less formal way, yet, still very much connected to your artistic and stylish inner-self.

After having a glimpse with this adorable collection, do share with us which one will be your best pick for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day!

Image courtesy of LochNessMPLS Minneapolis

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