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Stylish slow movement – KA/NOA new menswear collection with Patrick Dempsey

Despite the Pitti Uomo was just completed, for some reason, there were still loads of pictures of the well-dressed gents who has attended the fair keep popping in my newsfeed, yes, the effort and distinctive taste of these gents is obviously noteworthy, yet, apart from photos and new menswear (and accessories) collection which seems pretty ‘routine’, I can’t help myself and wondered, is there anything else after all? Of course, there is! Especially new IDEAS! I think what makes the pace of menswear moving forward, is derived from new ideas and innovations, which designers and artisan learnt better and better from each season to fine-tune their work, no matter from fabric to silhouette, quality to workmanship, and something that truly caught my eye this year, is coming across an Italian menswear brand, based in Switzerland, that supports the fundamental concept of fashion cycle, instead of producing fast-fashion which the world is now adapting (with one of the result of massive dead stock that causes some environmental issue), they re-defined the conventional fashion cycle, and interpret it with an utterly sophisticated and stylish approach, also, a little bit of Hollywood flair. KA/NOA, the Italian luxury menswear brand with flagship boutique located in Zurich, has recently hosted an event on celebrating their luxurious and new menswear collection, along with Hollywood actor and racing driver, Mr. Patrick Dempsey, to be presented during the Pitti Uomo early this year.

The collection, which 100% made in Italy, is about timeless sophistication and simplicity, echoes the actor’s personality, each piece literally brings a modern and stylish way of living for a modern and discerning gentlemen, combining versatility and functionality from indoor to outdoor with the ultimate comfort and luxury. But what intrigues me the most, is the concept about ‘slow fashion’ movement which the brand founder, Mr. Bruno Grande, believes that despite the fashion pace and competitions nowadays, there are always a need about quality over quantity, as the result, the KA/NOA menswear collection, with the esteemed actor, for this time is pretty much standing by this golden motto, introducing a series of impeccably made menswear pieces, from cotton shirts to knitted jacket, outdoor coat to suede leather ankle boots, they are all made with precision and refined workmanship, quality and design, making one feel confident, smart and energetic.

Take a closer look with the fabric used and details, that includes the premium quality raw materials such as merino wool, SUPER 100s wool, cashmere and cotton, which all spun and woven that entirely made in Italy; the soft leather and suede with top-notch treatment for leather jacket and shoes, plus the sophisticated and harmonious color palette, ranging from sky, sea, earth to stone, which enables wearer to experience the ultimate sophistication and modernism.

After having a glimpse of the collection, do share with us which one is your best pick?

Image courtesy of KA/NOA Italia.

Photo credits to Jonathan Glynn-Smith; &, Ilaria Costanzo for the Florence event shoot.

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