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An oasis of haberdashery – Bon Vivant, Hong Kong

Dear readers, in the concrete jungle like Hong Kong, we have been constantly surrounded by skyscrapers, fast-paced pedestrian, alongside with (sometimes) dusty air and honking sounds from cars, yes, it’s quite a stressful and chaotic environment to live in, but, one can always find a place to escape in the middle of our fast-paced city, to enjoy a moment of tranquility, and, some refined menswear too.

It was a weekend afternoon that I stopped by a brand new men’s tailoring atelier boutique, Bon Vivant, located in Wan Chai district which one can find some of the most authentic side of Hong Kong life; located on the rooftop of an old style residential building (it somehow makes me think of the legendary Chungking Mansions, anyway), and as soon as I reach the rooftop and stepping into the atelier boutique, it was a completely different experience in terms of the atmosphere.

The contemporary interior, minimalistic and modern, which feels like entering into a Scandinavian gentlemen’s reading room, while without stack of books nor bookshelves, the homey space was decorated with array of luxurious men’s tailoring pieces, from pleated cotton trousers in navy and khaki, to a well-tailored tweed blazer by the entrance, which displayed as a signature silhouette of the ‘house style’ of Bon Vivant.

The owner of this stylish and cozy atelier boutique, is passionate with men’s tailoring and the art of craftsmanship, used to work in one of the renowned tailoring house in Hong Kong, then later making his mark to found his very own atelier boutique. Besides classical tailoring pieces, Bon Vivant also looks after the weekend attire for a classic-style-conscious gentleman, with their signature safari jacket that comes with different fabric and color selection, adding their beautiful accessories collection from necktie to suspenders, one can always find a stylish combination from weekdays to weekend. Bon Vivant also offers an unique ‘demi styling’ service – by using the signature menswear pieces to ‘tailor’ a look that looks impeccable for an individual, which is something that is rather refreshing from a traditional tailoring atelier that can offer.

In this concrete jungle, one can always find a little ‘style oasis’, not simply as a refuge to slow down and breathe, but to discover some impeccable and refined menswear too!

Image courtesy of Bon Vivant, Hong Kong

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