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Scented magic – Victoria Cator scented candles, London

Dear readers, did anyone of you watch the Golden Globe Award 2019 the other week ago? It might not be the kind of TV program for some of the guys will watch, but to me, it was just the night when I switched on the TV while working on my next blog write, it just happened that the show was on (by the way, am glad to see that one of my favorite actress, Patricia Clarkson, got the best supporting actress award, congrats Patricia!) in between looking up some potential topics and the award show, suddenly a scene from ‘Mary Poppin Returns’ just pop on my TV screen, it was the pink flower pedals that were swirling up in the air, and then all of the sudden, I was having an ‘Aha’ moment that reminds me of the Valentine’s day! Yes, Roses and chocolates are the ‘basic requirement’ I believe when it comes to the V day gift idea, but what about creating an ambient with a romantic and aromatic touch? To me, scented nicely and elegantly is just as crucial as putting on an impeccable tailored suit and exquisitely crafted leather shoes, everything comes with a package, if one scented beautiful on their body with a fine fragrance, then, having a room to create a romantic and harmonious atmosphere, inherently it needs an exquisite scented candle to do the trick! Coming across the luxurious scented candles by Victoria Cator London, it instantly draws me into the picture of a space that feels luxurious romance and contemporary elegance, just like filling the room with red rose pedals on the floor on the romantic date.

As one of the beautiful product created by the London based interior designer, who strives to pursue the ultimate beauty of a sumptuous interior, from fabrics to objet d’Art pieces, alongside with her tasteful skills, her life-long love affair with the power of fragrance has led her to create a beautiful collection of scented candle (270g with burning time lasts about 55-60 hours) which reflects the same kind of sensation just as her interior design work.

Among the luxurious scented candle collection, one can always enchanted by the intriguing freshness from the ‘Vert de Serendip’, a magical mix of oceanic and floral notes, think about the sun flares on the hot terrace, glimpse azure sea through wafting pale linen with a hint of the scent from the sea salt, then the spritzed with orange blossom which evokes the beautiful sunny day in spring, an energetic and liberating scent that lifts one’s mood from the misty and humid weather.

While for ‘Touche Bois’, an intense and deep scented candle that reminds us the passionate and audacious love that happens within a sparkle of an eye contact, imagine catching the essence of a red coat, silver spurred spurs glinting cavalry man as he vanishes out of the tack room, leather gleams, saddle soap softens reins, and looking polished with a slick of hair oil, gleam of bees wax, sitting in the Victorian era library with a fire crackles, the hearth gleams beyond a rosewood desk with piles of leather bound books, the smell of literature masculinity and deportment, exciting, evocative and eternal, which becomes the essence of this candle, expresses your personal style and character in the space or room you are in.

Either it’s a way to create an ambient for your love one during the Valentine’s Day, or, simply for your own relaxation, the beautiful scented candle by Victoria is simply like a floral magic performance right in front of you, just before you knew, you are falling into the enchanting spell of style and elegance.

Image courtesy of Victoria Cator London / Glossy Consulting

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