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Artistic expression – Art de Parfum

Just when I thought the festivity mood is over after the Lunar New Year and the Valentine’s Day, now my mailbox has been bombarded by dozens of emails, and most of them, is about the upcoming Art events next month over here - Art Central, Art Basel etc., yes, entering March is more like walking into a gigantic art gallery of the city, as we literally celebrate everything about art mostly! Of course, when attending art events and parties, we as the MMD family, need to dress the part for it! For a classic elegant ‘arty’ look, with a well-tailored suit and your brand new custom-made pima cotton shirt, a pair of new leather brogue in a beautiful patina shades seems like something very essential, yet, we also need one more thing – the fragrance! How can one pull off an impeccable ‘arty’ look without an artistic and luxurious fragrance! And for that, one of the luxurious fragrance brand that hails from London, Art de Parfum, can offer you some options on how to elevate the artistic look from your well-chosen outfit.

Founded by a passionate perfume lover, Ms. Ruta Degutyte, who strives to create a sophisticated and ‘guilt-free’ fragrance with impeccable style and luxurious feel for both men and women. With an office based in London, all fragrances are made in France, one of the most noteworthy is, Art de Parfum is renowned by its fragrance collection only uses ethically sourced top quality oils which are extrait de parfum (pure perfume), making high concentration scents which last longer, smells richer and more luxurious.

Welcoming the art month, my starter will be the light and airy ‘Gin & Tonic’ perfume, a reminiscent to the British gentleman hour but in a sunny afternoon at the veranda. ‘Gin & Tonic’ expresses the British side to it - the crispiness and cleanliness of a polished and youthful gentlemen, thanks to the zesty and refreshing appeal from cucumber peel, grapefruit and juniper berry, it makes me think of a preppy young gent who wears an apple-green seersucker suit and sky blue Egyptian cotton shirt, accessorized with his turtle shell sunglasses and wearing his toffee brown loafers without socks, sitting in a comfortable and euphoria pose and a light drink at his hand. The scent then evolves into something masculine, perhaps the intensity from cedar wood and vetiver, or the white musk with the hint of gin tonic accord, it recalls the sensuality and alluring of a gentleman after taking off his jacket, and starts to unbutton the first two buttons of his crispy clean shirt, to let the light breeze to cools him down a bit, a very gentle, liberate and classy masculinity that one’s can feel from that.

Meanwhile, the limited edition ‘Encore Une Fois’ echoes a little bit of French flair, an alluring, stylish and sophisticated fashion with some youthful romance into it. Perhaps it’s the energetic fragrant from bergamot, orange flower leaves, mixing with the floral scent including Violet and peony, a picture instantly prompt in my head was an evening in a very chic hotel outdoor lounge, a well-dressed gentleman in a dark, polished attire and a white tuxedo shirt without a bowtie, with the top two (or three) shirt buttons undone just subtly expose his robust chest (and a bit of chest hair), leaning against the bar with a glass of whisky, the fragrance is the moment that one getting closer to his handsome, well-shaved jaw, a scent from some smoke (a few smoke of a cigarette, certainly not from chain-smoking), cosmetic (perhaps after a couple of ‘bisous’ from a lady), and the smell of his after-shave. Perhaps it derives from the sweetness of the floral notes, and the solid fragrant from patchouli, cedar and white musk, which gives the kind of charm, seductive and enigmatic feeling of a gentleman, at the same time, a little bit of ‘guilty pleasure’ in an enchanting and stylish evening.

If I have to put it, these two fragrances are like an artistic expression of oneself from day to night, during the art exhibition, and post exhibition party, two different interpretations, but coming from one artistic fragrance brand, so, let your artistic exploration begin.

Image courtesy of Art de Parfum.

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