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The British hour - Garrick England

For some reason, I have a strong bond with watches lately; for starter, I have just finished a luxury fashion watch launching event back in earlier this year, then, almost all the people around me are talking about Baselworld 2019! While there are still a lot for me to learn about watches, it seems to me that there are some major changes in Baselworld this year, especially for the most talk about, is the withdrawal of one of the giant watch group which they decided not to do any showcase there this year. Well, if it’s the change for the better, then let it be. As a guest and watch connoisseur, we like to see something new and refreshing, no matter it’s watches or menswear, and for this time, we are having a look with one of the prestigious timepiece brand, not in Switzerland, but in England, which they produced some remarkable and delicate timepieces that are appealing to classic and modern gentlemen.

Founded by Mr. David Brailsford, the timepieces by Garrick is quintessentially British, manufacturing in their facility in Norfolk, renowned with their exquisitely handmade timepiece in small quantities, each piece are literally a work of art, a combination of British horological history and innovations.

Take a look with the Portsmouth MK2 for example, it has a very luxurious and classical appeal, yet, a very understated elegance and details which homage to the essence of British mens watch design. The beautiful dial with array of colors from sapphire blue to steel grey, each dial is turned on a rose-engine lathe, upholding the artisanal craft of hand guilloché. Featuring the brand’s exclusive UT-G01 Calibre movement, and with its prominent balance bridge, which intends to look stereotypically British.

Meanwhile, the S2 Central Seconds also caught my eyes as well, with the elegant and polished stainless steel case, which exhibits a brilliant gleam, the guilloché dial is also noteworthy with its refined details, which shows the precision and artistry of handcraftsmanship. Featuring Calibre UT-G03 which can be viewed from the caseback, the rate of the movement is altered by adjusting the timing screws on the balance. If you appreciated the design of S2 Central Seconds but want it to look more luxurious, the brand also offers an 18-carat gold version as well, which elevates your overall classic look, and, a way to express your discerning taste in luxury timepieces.

So, after having a look with these beautiful British timepieces, do let us know which one is your top pick!

Image courtesy of Garrick England

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