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Contemporary comfort of Italian elegance – Dal Duca Sartoria Italiana, Hong Kong

Dear readers, I simply don’t know why that sometimes I was being called a ‘French style’ guy, while I take that as a compliment but no offense, as much as I adore the classic and elegance of French classic style, I am pretty much admire other country’s style too that is classic and elegant looking apart from the French; British, Italian, Viennese, even American etc., I embraced pretty much all of them as long as they made ones look refined and stylish, adding some personal touch with a little bit of aristocratic and majestic flair, cultured and polished demeanor, of course, great personality and diligence, making effort with their own hands, experience and know-how to realize one’s aspiration in life, it’s much more admirable and elevates the overall look even more with a nice tailored assemble.

Speaking of Italian and classic style, today I am taking you all to a very understated menswear sanctuary, Dal Duca Sartoria Italiana, which located in the heart of Hong Kong. The first thing upon entering Dal Duca’s showroom atelier, one can instantly feel the contemporary comfort and style of a modern Italian dandy, and it all derives from the work and effort of the Creative Director, Mr. Marcello Pignatelli, who has been worked an Italian classic menswear brand before establishing Dal Duca about two years ago, possessing a great eyes on refined Italian menswear, his passion about sartorial clothing, and, his homage and respect to the know-how of his home-country – Italy - the exquisite Italian craftsmanship of a beautiful Neapolitan suit (or classic menswear), which makes Dal Duca an ideal place for a moment of tranquility and some Italian elegance at the same time.

The showroom comes from the concept of ‘Il salotto’, meaning ‘the living room’, giving the comfort and welcoming atmosphere for discerning menswear customer a place to feel relaxed and pampered with an menswear expert; the homey space enables one to experience the exquisite menswear collection which curated by Marcello, in a well-organized and tidily merchandised fixture, with stacks of well-folded fine cotton shirts, made by the finest pima to jersey cotton, and the light-weighted unconstructed jackets in array of luxurious fabrics from extra-fine wool to hemp, and comforting earth tone, the ready-to-wear collection is entirely come from Italy, which is literally a stylish indulgence.

Meanwhile, another half of the showroom atelier, was dedicated to the bespoke salon, that caters an elite group of discerning gentlemen who are looking for something much customized and ultimately luxurious. With hundreds of the best fabric books available (of course, mostly from renowned Italian fabric mills) for either suits or jackets, shirts or trousers, and the professional consultation by Marcello himself, the bespoke tailoring at Dal Duca is no doubt as another way of indulging your refined menswear craving, with your very own personal taste and preference, and, mixing the quintessential Italian tradition into the piece of exquisite tailoring clothing that only belongs to you.

Apart from waiting for a sought-after Italian tailor flying all the way in town, now you have another way to enjoy an Italian sartorial indulgence, even in the most hectic part of the heart of the city.

Image courtesy of Dal Duca Sartoria Italiana, Hong Kong

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