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Liberating energy from nature – Goldfield & Banks, Australia

Despite I will not necessarily call myself an ‘activist’ about climate change, that doesn’t mean that I do not aware the consequence if the situation didn’t improve, because after all, the nature did supply an enormous resources to all aspect of life, from fuel to food, to all living species and even us, therefore, by doing our due diligence to do good to the environment is something necessary. Apart from supplying resources, the nature did serve another artistic mission to some of us, especially for creative professionals, yes, it is the source of inspiration of creative works from different forms of art, from paintings to fashion, even fragrances, we almost came across most of the artist’s (or designer’s) work that are inspired from the nature like flowers and the picturesque scene, for fragrance in particular, the nature has become one of the most crucial source of scent, and eventually turn that into a beautiful mist that we spray on ourselves, to take us to certain state of mind. Taking advantage of the “Esxence” this month (despite I couldn’t be able to go), I would like to introduce a special fragrance, which, instead of coming from Europe, this brand is literally hailed from Australia! Let’s start our distinctive olfactory journey with Goldfield & Banks’ fragrance collection.

Inspired by the nature from ‘down-under’, the fragrance by Goldfield & Banks truly embrace the beauty of the nature, in particular, the Australia landscape, Founded by Belgian Frenchman, Mr. Dimitri Weber, who has been worked in the fragrance industry in France more than two decades, then arrived in Australia to start his new fragrance venture there, with his unbeatable courage, experience in perfume making, and his savvy business sense, his brand Goldfield & Banks was born since around two years ago. What makes this fragrance brand so special and intrigues me? Well, I think it’s the intelligence of the French perfume making savoir-faire, mixed with the liberating and energetic Australian spirit, also, the strong determination and entrepreneurial spirit of Dimitri himself did move me a lot (as I realized how challenging it is to establish a signature niche fragrance brand, the amount of work, and the tenacity to push the brand and the business to move forward). One can always find the association of the nature in Goldfield & Banks fragrance, with the signature wooden cap and a simple rectangular bottle design, the side labeling in earthy yellow color which shows the simplicity and the sun-shining energy of the fragrance that breaks through the conventional European fragrance’s style and framework, bringing something more contemporary and approachable appeal.

In the transition of the spring to summer, this tricky weather is better to wear something refreshing and clean, the ‘Blue Cypress’ could be a good starter to make your day much energized, a very sophisticated combination in woody and spice elements, it radiates the beauty of a sunny morning, perhaps it’s the zesty mix from Patchouli and Clove, or the light touch from the Bulgaria Lavender, adding the crispy and greenery blue Cypress, which makes this fragrance a very ‘easy-going’ one with longevity to be used by anyone, and, the noteworthy powdery scent after few hours on your skin.

Another one that intrigues me, is the ‘Pacific Rock Moss’ which tends to offer much oceanic appeal, like a floating icy blue light linen shirt, the soft comfort is like a splash of ice water on a hot skin; thanks to the freshness and aquatic elements from the Australian Coastal Moss and Sage, the energizing citrus flair from Lemon, which gives a beautiful opening notes for this fragrance, the base note from Cedar Wood and Geranium leaves a gentle yet substantial scent after a couple of hours, which reveals a bit of the masculine side but once again, it’s a very gentle fragrance that are suitable for different day time occasions as well.

To experience the authentic inland Australia, the ‘White Sandalwood’ could possibly do the job of taking you to experience the Central Australia landscape, thanks to the rich and woody scent, including the Australian White Sandalwood, mixed with the Moroccan Thyme and Amber, this fragrance has a clean opening like after a shower, yet, offer something substantial and masculine feel, the warmth from the floral scent of Rose from Turkey, and, the gentleness from Saffron which makes the great balance of the intensity of the fragrance, showing the gracious side of the roughness and dry of the Australian dessert, it’s a feel of adventure, a true vagabond and having the audacity to try something new, to explore a new horizon with his determination.

All fragrances by Goldfield & Banks are made in Australia, so, if you are intrigue to experience the authentic Australian free spirit, and, the French perfume making savoir-faire, plus, a passionate curiosity to try something new, a splash of Goldfield & Banks fragrance could possibly be a good starter.

Image courtesy of Goldfield & Banks, Australia

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