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Olfactory intelligence - Sillages Paris

Dear readers, in the modern world of 21st century that we are living in, ‘individualism’ seems like more significant than ever, ‘custom made’ product has constantly appeared not only in tailoring, but also leather goods and even shoes, making one’s very own statement about their taste and style; dated back almost a year ago, I have introduced a customized fragrance house in Hong Kong which one can create your personalized fragrance, with the recent posts that I have written about fragrance (coincide with Esxence Expo actually), I would like to introduce you all to another customized fragrance house, only with this time, we are going back to the home country of perfume, which is France. Yes, apart from all the big French perfume household names that you’ve heard about, there is one that literally do only customized fragrance, and Sillages Paris is one of them, why is that? The young and innovative founder, Mr. Maxime Garcia-Janin understands the concepts well.

Having been working with the fragrance launch for a couple of reputed luxury brands, Maxime noticed about the constant change of the shopping behavior, in particular the fragrance’s field, that the demand of the modern consumer about individualism, non-conforming fragrance, in amazing quality is what is needed, and expanding, with his sensitivity, intelligence and thinking outside the box, Maxime decided to make a mark of his own, and established Sillages Paris, an one-of-the-kind French customized fragrance brand, to cope with the new wave of discerning and intellectual fragrance aficionados, to experience another kind of customized fragrance, which tailors to each individual’s style and olfactory preference, at the same time, offering the traditional French perfume-making savoir-faire however in a more contemporary and youthful manner.

Backing by a team of young and knowledged ‘supernose’ behind the brand, which makes each bottle of fragrance by Sillages Paris a very unique and exceptional one. The modern and simple packaging, as well as the signature cube shape crystal-clear French glass bottle and silver zamak metal cap with a texture label, comes with an unique charcoal foam box which designed by Mr. Pierre Katz (who has designed for other world luxury brand’s packaging as well), one can literally feel the unconventional way of the fragrance created by this new Parisian fragrance house, with the premium quality in high standard, is something very noteworthy for such French customized perfume brand, having such intelligent and innovative concept.

So how does this work? In fact, it’s pretty straight forward, one simply needs to select 6 ingredients, then having their in-house perfumer to validate your selection, upon the detailed analysis and blending, the perfumer will then come up with a sample, plus, 2 other samples which as alternatives based on your initial choice of ingredient combination, to let you try out and see which one you would decide to make it as a full bottle customized fragrance.

Either you might be addicted to the aromatic feel from Musk, or the exotic warmth from Oud, maybe even the masculine woodiness from Sandalwood or Vetiver, an interesting thing about this customized fragrance is your very own participation, having an experience on working with a Nose together to create something that is uniquely yours, and something that can eventually match with your other custom-made pieces from your wardrobe, but for some of you, perhaps the participation of making makes one satisfy more, especially for those who are very into perfume-making, and eager to explore this traditional French know-how with their own mind and hands, to be part of it, that’s probably part of the joy of the ride.

So, are you ready to create your very own French fragrance for the upcoming Easter holiday yet?

Image courtesy of Sillages Paris.

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