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Eclectic modernity – Joseph Karam interior design, Paris

The pre-summer heat recently reminds me of southern France; maybe it’s a kind of ‘vacation calling’ (apparently cannot get past the Easter holiday mood), or simply me feeling nostalgic about my visit at Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat (which I have written before) 2 years ago; the riviera sunshine and sea breeze, the beautiful garden and fountain, which looks even better when overlooking at this picturesque view inside the splendid villa, at the balcony on the first floor, that makes you feel like the luxury and beauty is just right beneath your feet. Speaking of the villa in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, I was impressed to reunite with my French buddy, who introduced me the interior design work by the esteemed designer, Mr. Joseph Karam, about his impressive projects that he has done for some of the luxurious villas in this luxury residential peninsula located in southern France (also other key cities too), and I simply cannot resist to dive deep to marvel this new wave of stylish heat before the summer officially arrives.

Born in Lebanon and passionate in drawing during his childhood, the gifted young Joseph has been fascinated by the magnificence of grand villas, and always dreamt of building one himself. After settling in France and founded his firm about four decades ago, the name of Joseph Karam has become no-stranger in the luxury interior design field, with prestigious clients from Middle East royalties, affluent British and Russian aristocrats, the interior designer work by Joseph has been widely recognized. Based in Monaco and having an office in Paris, the talented designer combined the French sophistication and his in-born creativity, then interpret that into countless interior design projects from grand apartments and commercial space in Paris, villas and private residence in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and Nice, as well as luxury private residence in Baharin and Jeddah.

With his unapologetic and non-conformist approach, the designer didn’t keen to use the word ‘style’ to describe his work, what he emphasized, is the adaptation of the client or person in front of him, to understand what they are expecting in order to come up with the details of each project, as the result, the work of each speaks very uniquely and fully reflect the people who live and use the space, which in a way, it’s pretty tailored to one’s taste and preferences.

In particular the villa projects in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, one can always sense the simple French sophistication and modernity, at the same time, the resort feel that merges the orchard garden in southern France, and, a secluded sanctuary (or spa) in a private island within the space. The understated luxury with a hint of artful details from the one-of-the-kind objet d’art pieces, or from the designer’s furniture collection, which creates an intriguing dialogue in between the space and the owner of the house, to whisper the effortless chic yet adding the creativity and taste by Joseph himself.

Another project that intrigues me a lot, is the splendid Montaigne Paris apartment; a luxurious and alluring of the luxury details, meets the quintessential Parisian elegance, interpreted in a modernized Neo-classicism, the result? A Parisian chic atmosphere with a hint of French monarch history (probably from the Second Empire style), yet, modern and alluring in a very artful manner, alongside with the furniture selection which gives a simplicity and comforting feel while living in the modern world.

I guess with this impressive interior design, it can pretty much satisfy my villa craving, at least for the time being.

Image courtesy of Agence Joseph Karam, Paris

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