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Action in French Riviera - 77th Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 2019

Dear readers, when talking about the magnificent Villas in Southern France, inherently, it has to associate with the luxurious and glamorous lifestyle there too! What I mean here, apart from the aristocratic Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, of course, there’s another majestic gem in the French Riviera – Monaco! Radiates the Hollywood resort and high society lifestyle (thanks to the esteemed Princess Grace!), Monaco is a beautiful city that represents glamour and luxury lifestyle, even I have only been there once but it’s such a memorable experience already that keeps lingering in my mind. Besides the splendid Casino de Monte-Carlo and Hotel de Paris, Monaco is also famous for their Grand Prix race! Attracts more than thousands of people to visit that city, enjoy with the crowd of heart-pounding excitement, and the roars of the engines of the race car, with both style and glamour.

This year, marks as the city’s 77th edition, the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix never disappoints the elite racing enthusiasts and stylish visitors from around the world, to witness the exciting championship, mingling with incredible crowd with style and luxury sporting spirit. The race circuit of Monte Carlo is renowned as extremely challenging for both teams and drivers, narrow circuit through the glamorous streets and neighborhoods, which adding extra excitement apart from seeing the professional racers try to getting ahead of each other. One thing for sure is, especially for the racer, winning the Monaco Grand Prix means a lot which even more prestigious than winning the World Championship.

Do mark your calendar as the Championship starts from 23rd May to 27th May 2019, to discover more about the hospitality program over the game, feel free to check out Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer’s official website as below for details.

Enjoy and have a great time in Monaco!

Image courtesy of Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer.

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